JASON WIENS / Mirror on the Floor and Vancouver Countercultures of the 1960s

LARY TIMEWELL / Dedicated to Matter: takes on early Talons to A Short Sad Book

MICHAEL BARNHOLDEN / Autobiology: Bowering’s Abecedarian

JONATHAN BALL / What A Short Sad Book Is & Is Not

14 Plums: An interview with George Bowering (1979)

AMBER MCMILLAN / Serious Play: Implications in Kerrisdale Elegies

KIM MINKUS / Tipping In

BRIAN FAWCETT / Bowering’s Pinboy

AURELEA MAHOOD / Burning Water at Burns Lake: Literary Geography and the Twittersphere

DANIEL ZOMPARELLI / Every Book George Bowering Has Ever Written

TODD NICKEL / Bowering’s Books in the City

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