Pneumatic Antiphonal






Read one of the "Three Poems" by Sylvia Legris published in TCR 3.21:




Details of Articulated Skeletons, c. 1510
(after Leonardo da Vinci)


Memento marrow. The treacherous thread of the unnamed. The flourish-
stripped reunion of broken parts.

The polymathematician (the osteo-horoscopist) plumbs the anonymous bones,
the forlorn unspoken-for. Lead white, bianco di piombo, the poisonous orbit.
An algebraic

of discrete desecration. Cancellous bone, cortical bone, an innominately
rising hip bone. The acrimonious split of the acromion from the scapular
spine. Explode the view . . .

Exploit the post-medieval zodiac. A moon-distending thorax; the gibbosity of
the humeral head. The anteriorly tilting ascent of the pelvic girdle. False false
ribs and the

acute angle of descent of rib one and rib two. Memento mori. Woe betide the
Renaissance bonesetter. Bone-beset.