This auditory accompaniment to Roy Kiyooka’s “Pacific Windows” issue of The Capilano Review layers a selection of readings and field recordings from Kiyooka’s archive, held at Simon Fraser University’s Special Collections. The archive includes 404 audio recordings produced in a variety of formats—reel-to-reel, cassettes and mini-cassettes—produced between 1963 and 1988. They capture conversations, readings, music, personal musings, and ambient noise, creating a rich autobiographical soundscape. In translating from visual to auditory media, the “windows” of image-text become durational rather than spatial—an event framed between pause buttons.

Each window superimposes audiotext over environmental sound, pairing the following recordings:

1) "Summer Back Door Rain" / "Trudi & I Talking" (June 26, 1982) Selections from Kyoto Airs, read at Sir George Williams University (December 2, 1966)

2) "No. 5 North" (June 29, 1978) Shinkichi Takahashi’s “Snow Wind” from After Images: Zen Poems (June 29, 1978)

3) “She Said She Tore the Veil Off the Face of…” (Date unknown) “Nevertheless These Eyes” read at Sir George Williams University (December 2, 1966)

A full recording of the 1966 reading is available on SpokenWeb.

— Deanna Fong


Deanna Fong is the Audio/Visual Intern at The Capilano Review and a PhD Student at Simon Fraser University. She is the co-director of the Fred Wah Digital Archive and a member of the SpokenWeb team.