Issue 3.23 includes translations of new or old texts, re-translations, comparative translations, experimental translation, language/s behaving in unexpected ways, multilingual writing, other Englishes, mimicry, mis-translation, fumblings between languages, faux-translation, trans-translation, etc. We also feature the “languages” of different genres and the interplay between them.

--Donna Zapf interviews composer, translator, art historian Christopher Butterfield

--Colin Browne interviews Ian Wallace on references to "Vancouver" in early 20th century French poetry

--Artists foregrounding text: Rebecca Brewer, Cathy Busby, Allyson Clay, Garry Neill Kennedy, and Margaux Williamson

--Sarah Dowling introduces and curates a section on multilingual poetry

--Michael Turner curates a section on Text-Based Public Art in Vancouver

--Writers: Peter Culley + Elisa Ferrari, Ted Byrne, Jordan Abel, Stephen Collis, Geneviève Robichaud, Rachel Zolf, and many more.


Image: Robert Smithson's "A Heap of Language" (1966), a work of "language to be looked at."