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Fall 2012 / 3.18

from The Vestiges
Two Poems
"within that trace": A Conversation
from Human Nature and CHORUS
Six Bay Area Poets
from Totality Canto 23
from We Are Nothing and So Can You
from We Do the Polis in Different Voices
Of : Formation or Of, Anonymity : Of Black Bloc Fashion
Division of Research
Higgs Boson Fever Fills Cern . . .
Tom Cone and The Opera Project
La crise: un drame d'Ubu Moi et Toi
The Oval
Fran Herndon and Her Circle
Selected Works
Fran Herndon
Strand Palace
Two Poems
Disjunctures (possible poems, for richard outram)
Two Poems
Cover image: Fran Herndon, Catch Me If You Can, 1962, collage on masonite, 39.37 x 60.33 cm. Courtesy the artist and Altman Siegel, San Francisco.


BRIAN ANG is the author of Pre-Symbolic, Communism, Paradise Now, and the poetry generator THEORY ARSENAL. Collaborations include poetry and noise with the band A White Hunter and the film Qua Insurrection with Mayakov+sky. His current poetic project is The Totality Cantos: An Investigation of Epistemological Totality. Recent criticism and theorizing have appeared in The Claudius App, Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion, Rethinking Marxism, and a commentary series in Jacket2, “PennSound & Politics.” He edits ARMED CELL in Oakland, California.

Born in British Columbia, MARIAN PENNER BANCROFT lives and works in Vancouver. Educated at the University of British Columbia, The Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art+Design) and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University), she is an associate professor at the Emily Carr University of Art+Design. Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally and across Canada, most recently at the Vancouver Art Gallery in a solo exhibition entitled “Spiritlands:t/here: Selected Photo Works 1975–2000” for which there is a catalogue. She is the recipient of the 2012 Audain Prize for the Visual Arts for lifetime achievement and is represented by Republic Gallery in Vancouver.

JASPER BERNES is the author of Starsdown (In Girum 2007) and We Are Nothing and So Can You (Tenured Ninja 2012). He is a postdoctoral fellow in the Literature Department at Duke University.

HUGH BRODY is an anthropologist, writer, and film-maker. He has made documentaries about two British artists, Henry Moore and Antony Gormley. He directed, and co-wrote with Michael Ignatieff, the feature film Nineteen Nineteen. His work in British Columbia has included the book Maps And Dreams and films made with Gitksan, Nisg’a and Mowachat/Muchalaht First Nations, as well as the film The Meaning of Life, shot in a Fraser Valley prison. He is also author of The Other Side of Eden, Hunter-Gatherers, and Farmers and the Shaping of the Word. His most recent work has been with the ‡Khomani San of the southern Kalahari. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley and is an Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge.

COLIN BROWNE’s most recent book is The Properties (Talonbooks 2012). He is working on a new collection, and a book about the Surrealists and the art of the Northwest Coast and Alaska. The 10-minute opera, “The Oval,” with music composed by Eileen Padgett, was presented at the house of Karen Matthews and Tom Cone in Vancouver on the evening of September 22nd, 2012.

DAVID BUUCK is a writer who lives in Oakland, CA. He is the founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, and co-founder and editor of Tripwire, a journal of poetics. An Army of Lovers, co-written with Juliana Spahr, is forthcoming from City Lights. Publications, writing and performance samples, and further info available via davidbuuck.com

JEFF CARPENTER has participated in Edmonton’s diverse literary and performing arts culture for over ten years. In addition to a growing amount of juvenilia and ephemera, he is author of the chapbook malachi on foot (Red Nettle Press
2008) and, with glenN robsoN, as the sound poetry duo Tonguebath, he authored and performed DUN JOHN & DR AGON (Extra Virgin Press 2010). He is currently writing a book of fractal origami titled Narrative Luck, thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council’s generous support. Carpenter is acting Acting Director of the Alberta Research Group (arg), an award-winning ”pataphysical think tank.

JEFF DERKSEN’s books include Annihilated Time: Poetry and Other Politics, Down TimeDwell and Transnational Muscle Cars. He has edited, as a member of the research collective Urban Subjects, Autogestion: Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade and Momentarily: Learning from Mega-events. A collection of essays on art, After Euphoria, is forthcoming, as is The Vestiges. He works at Simon Fraser University.

DAVE DEVEAU is an award-winning writer and performer whose plays and operas have been produced across Canada and in Europe. His critically-acclaimed play My Funny Valentine, having recently closed in Dublin, will be remounted at
Vancouver’s Firehall Arts Centre in February. He is currently working on commissions for Zee Zee Theatre, Green Thumb Theatre, Lunchbox Theatre, Sociable Films, and Theatre la Seizieme.

ROGER FARR is the author of Surplus (Linebooks 2006), IKMQ (New Star 2012), and Means (Linebooks 2012). He teaches in the Creative Writing and Culture and Technology Programs at Capilano University, and edits CUE Books.

DAVID FARWELL is a retired therapist who, for over thirty years was the partner, lover, accomplice, minder, and companion of the poet Robin Blaser. Need he say more?

FRAN HERNDON was born in 1927 and lives and works in San Francisco, California. Beginning in 1959, she collaborated with Jack Spicer and co-edited the mimeo magazine J. Her work was first exhibited in 1963 as part of the “Group Show” curated by Robin Blaser at Peacock Gallery in San Francisco. Her work has been shown recently at solo exhibitions at Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco (2011) and Blanket Gallery, Vancouver (2012).

SEAN HOWARD is the author of two collections of poetry, Local Calls (Cape Breton University Press 2009) and Incitements (Gaspereau Press 2011). His work has been published in numerous Canadian and international magazines, and anthologized in The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2011 (Tightrope Books). His piece “disjunctures
(possible poems, for richard outram),” in this issue, is the winner of TCR’s 2nd Annual Robin Blaser Poetry Award.

KEVIN KILLIAN is the author of two books of poetry, three collections of stories, three novels, and other books of all descriptions. His newest novel is called Spreadeagle (Publication Studio 2012). In addition, he has often written on the
US poet Jack Spicer (1925–1965) and his circle.

MELISSA MACK is a poet whose work has appeared in TRY!, With + Stand, the SF Public Press, and in the anthology chapbooks What Is Called Violence ( DOT.PRESS 2012) and The Feeling Is Mutual: A List Of Our Fucking Demands
(2012). In summer 2012, she helped organize a week-long experiment in free radical collective education: http://bayareapublicschool.tumblr.com. Her 10th anniversary of living in Oakland, California is Valentine’s Day 2013.

JENNY PENBERTHY is grateful to Tom Cone for urging her to write a libretto for the Opera Project. The libretto itself owes a debt to Alfred Jarry’s absurdist drama Ubu Roi and to the manifesto of the Spanish indignados.

JANE SPRAGUE’s books include The Port of Los Angeles and Imaginary Syllabi. Current projects include My Appalachia, a collection of prose and poetry that explores genocide, the legacy of slavery, and generational poverty in Upstate New York. She lives with her family on a manufactured island in Long Beach, CA.

GEORGE STANLEY’s works were featured in TCR 3.14. After Desire is due from New Star Books in 2013.

WENDY TREVINO lives and works in the SF Bay Area. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in LIES, Mrs. Maybe, OMG!, With + Stand, Abraham Lincoln, TRY!, and West Wind Review. From July 2010–July 2011 she interned in Development at a science museum in San Francisco. “Division of Labor,” in this issue, is an erasure of her work.

KEITH WALLACE has been a curator of contemporary art since 1979. From 1991 to 2001 he was Curator, then Director/Curator, of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver where he developed a program of regional, national and international exhibitions. He is currently Associate Director/Curator of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia. Since 2004, Wallace has been Editor-in-Chief of Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art published by ARTCO in Taipei.

JEANINE WEBB’s poems have appeared in many journals, most recently in Lana Turner and ARMED CELL. She is one author, with Brian Ang, Joseph Atkins and Tiffany Denman, of the poetry pamphlet Poetry is not Enough. Some recent writing on the U.S. occupations, poetry, friendship, and le carré rouge can be found on the Harriet blog. She helps organize San Diego, California’s Agitprop Reading Series, edits the journal TACOCAT, and is a PhD student in Literature at the University of California San Diego.

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