“Letter to Nixon” from At War with the U.S.

From "The Big Leagues":
“The Detroit Tigers”
“The Dallas Cowboys”
“San Diego Padres”
“Buffalo Sabers”
“The Minnesota Twins”

In the Flesh
“The Bigamist”
“The Window”
“Nine Holes”
“Coltrane & Che”
“Losing & Getting, to be Getting”
“A parent”
“Sit Down”
“Strangers & Friends”
“The Ground of Lincoln Country”
“Places Names in the Global Villages”
“Take me she said smiling inwardly”
“The Breath Released”
“To You and You”

Photograph: Bowering at the podium, March 17, 1983, during the "Week of Readers" in Camrose organized by Monty Reid.

Photo credit: Monty Reid