In conjunction with composer Jacqueline Leggatt's residency at The Apartment we are honoured to host a literary tribute to the poet Nancy Shaw organized by Catriona Strang.

The late Nancy Shaw, poet, curator, art critic, and scholar, was an integral member of the vibrant and influential Vancouver poetry and art scenes of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her books include Affordable Tedium, Scoptocratic, Busted, and Light Sweet Crude. She also wrote bracing essays on art, dance, and popular culture, and collaborated with musicians, composers, dancers, and other poets. Her early death in 2007 was a grave loss to the Canadian arts community.

Timed to coincide with Vancouver New Music Society’s re-mounting of composer Jacqueline Leggatt’s “Cold Trip,” written after Nancy’s death and dedicated to her, the “Reading for Nancy Shaw” will include the rare chance to hear selections from Nancy’s works, as well as pieces written for her and in response to her work, and audio recordings of Nancy reading her own work.