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Two Poems
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DAVID AYRE is a student of cognitive science at Simon Fraser University. He tells us that he is "a young attractive man who enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach and quiet times by a fire." He is also the host of an hour-long radio programme dedicated to poetry at SFU's campus com¬munity radio station, CJSF.

TIM BOWLING is a 28-year-old Vancouver-born commercial fisherman. His poetry has been published in Event, NeWest Review, Grain, Nexus, Secrets from the Orange Couch, and Canadian Author and Bookman, and is upcoming in Fiddlehead.. He is also a freelance humour columnist and wrote and edited for the satirical Flash magazine for two years.

SUZANNE BUFFAM is a 20-year-old poet originally from Vancouver, now living in Victoria. Her work has most recently appeared in the Spring '92 issue of The Liar.

A CAGE is former editor of The Liar. His poetry has appeared in the Arts access newletter, and his face makes regular appearances in the opening montage of the cable t.v. programme Arts Access. Recently, at the Kootenay School of Writing, he read excerpts from his translation of the mythic text The Book of IT.

MARK COCHRANE is a Ph.D. candidate at UBC. His poems have appeared in numerous journals — Canadian Literature, Poetry Canada Review and The Fiddlehead, most recently— and in the League of Canadian Poets Election, Vintage '91. He is a former editor of The Moosehead Anthology.

T. CRANE is a performance poet who has been active in Western Canada for the past six years. He has written three plays, which have been performed in Calgary amd Vancouver. He has also self-published four chapbooks and released an audio cassette of his work. He approaches poetry in images and word shapes, using language for not only how it plays in the reader's head, but also how it plays in the reader's mouth. His use of punctuation is to assist the reader in the utterance of his poems, as these poems are most complete when they are carried in a voice.

DON GILL is a photo artist who has exhibited his work widely in Canada and the United States and is a founding member of the Society for Noncommercial Culture in Vancouver, a group dedicated to seeking alternative venues for contemporary art. Recently, he spent two years studying with Alan Sekula at Cal Arts in L.A. and continuing to develop his Sites of Production series. He currently lives in New Jersey.

KEDRICK JAMES has been writing, publishing, and performing poetry for the past eight years. He has produced and performed in several multimedia and experimental voice ensembles and worked with many internationally acclaimed composers and performers. He is the Director of the Small Press Action Network and is the Artistic Director of the Vancouver Free Press Festival. He is the Poetry and Small Press editor of NOISE. He was an editor of ANERCA and is presently working on his second book of poems.

Detritivors are microscopic life forms which decompose dead matter and make their nutrients available for new life. They occupy only about two percent of the entire cycle of life, yet nothing could exist without them. This performance is a story about a new-born Atlas being crushed beneath the weight of a dying world. The Detritivors are his path of salvation through language and the imagination. Artists are society's detritivors, and this work is a celebration of their true role and value in the world.

JOHN KERKHOVEN is currently working on a novella and a novel. He lives in the interior of B.C.

HANNAH LANDECKER is the 1991 winner of the Books in Canada national writing competition for university students. Her work has been published in Books in Canada, Whetstone Magazine, and the Sydney University Union Recorder. She is currently a fourth year student in cell biology at UBC. She lives in Vancouver and prefers black ink to blue.

JUDI MacINNES was born in Prince George, is 22 years old, and is in her third year in the University of Victoria Creative Writing program. Her work has been most recently published in Pearls (1991), The Liar (Spring, 1992). She is working on a chapbook, called "eva," with Suzanne Buffam and Jason Dewintez.

CAM McALPINE is a 25-year-old recent graduate of Simon Fraser University. "After a summer working in the bush up north in order to support such nasty habits as writing, I am back hard at work on what might just end up being my first book. I live and write wherever I happen to be at the time."

ERIC MORTEN lives in Vancouver and has been writing poetry and prose for the past two years. He is currently writing a long piece about "work" and city life.

ARDESSA NICA-JESSEAU is currently pursuing a degree in Art History from Concordia University. Previous publications include ARC Magazine, The Poetic Knight, The Liar, d'Void, The Eclectic Muse, Shooting Star, and The Capilano Review (Series II, Number 8).

GREGORYNYTE lives in Coquitlam, B.C. "On Dying" is his first published work, barely preceding the publication of two more of his poems in the winter 1993 edition of Canadian Literature, No. 135. He has a degree in English from SFU.

HILARY PEACH is a theatre director, performance poet, and an editor of NOISE. Her latest project, the formation of the HIGH PERFORMANCE CORE-TETE and the subsequent Vancouver Fringe Festival show (Cunning Lingual Ballistic Injection), evolved out of her desire to combine the magic and ritual of a staged performance with the inspired language of the poetic vision. She will be performing in the 1993 Women in View Festival and will be departing shortly thereafter for Massachusets.

ALICE TEPEXCUINTLE is a Vancouver poet interested primarily in performance poetry. She is performing in the 1992 Vancouver Fringe Festival and again at the Pitt Gallery in October with three other poets, Sheri-D Wilson, T. Crane, and Kedrick James, in a show tided Cunning Lingual Ballistic Injection.