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Summer 1991 / 2.5

A Pack of Snakes
from Gimpy Rapture
Three Poems
Journal Notes/Greece
Untitled Suite
Four Poems
Five Poems
Six Poems
from Pulp Log
Other Art
Random Access Coach House
Grocery Lists
COVER: from Untitled Suite Silver Prints 12" x 11" 1990


GORDON CAVENAILE was born in Prince Rupert in 1955. He received his M.A. from UBC in 1985, and then became an "ex-patriot" ESL teacher in Spain for several years. After a two year stint back in Vancouver he has recently returned to Europe to write and travel. He has published fiction in Event and appears in TCR for the first time.

JOHN PASS' poems in this issue are from Gimpy Rapture, Book II of an extended work-in-progress, At Large. The Hour's Acropolis (Book I) and Rugosa (Book III) will appear this summer from Harbour Publishing and Reference West/Hawthorne Society, respectively. He and his wife Teresa Kishkan run High Ground Press, publishing broadsheets and chap-books. He teaches at Capilano College and recently spent part of 1990 as Visiting Poet at Brigham Young University, Utah.

DUNCAN MCNAUGHTON has returned to Bolinas, California since travelling in Central and South America. He is currently working on poems and essays related to that experience. His most recent major collections, Sumeriana and Shit on My Shoes, were both published by Tombouctou.

ROBERT KEZIERE lives and works in Vancouver. Known as a photographer of fine art, in recent years his personal work has been exhibited in Canada, Greece, Italy and the U.S. His exhibition, entitled On Reason, was shown in February 1991 at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Rome. Photographs from the exhibition appeared on the front and back covers of TCR #50.

SHARON THESEN is working on poems and essays while on leave from Capilano College. Her selected poems, The Pangs of Sunday, appeared from McClelland & Stewart in 1990. She has published critical essays in Vancouver Review and a new essay on literary theory will appear in VR's June 1991 issue.

ARDESSA-NICA JESSEAU has published poems in The Liar, d'Void The Poetic Knight and ARC Magazine. She received a Lucille Fisher ' Memorial Award for Creative Writing at Capilano College (1989-l990) She is now enrolled in the BFA program at UBC, and will be on an exchange program with Indonesia during the next year.

MAXINE GADD lives and works in Vancouver East, and currently has three manuscripts ready for publication, including one from her eight year stay on Galiano Island. She has published six collections of poetry; her most recent, lost language, came out from Coach House in 1982. Her work is in numerous anthologies, including Up and Doing (Women's Press 1990).

DAVID PHILLIPS' work in this issue comes principally from an on-going series related to the Sechelt Peninsula, where he spends much of his writing time. He has published eight collections of poetry, the most recent being Blink/Gumboots (Tatlow/Gorse Press 1986). Along with several other Vancouver writers, Phillips' tribute to Robert Creeley in Vancouver appeared in West Coast Line's splendid Winter 1990 issue.

BARRY MCKINNON is currently preparing ten years of writing for publication; the working title for this manuscript-in-progress is The Centre, and the work in this issue from an ongoing text. Pulp Log, will be a part of it. McKinnon is also working on a subversive follow-up to his BC Poets & Print issue of Open Letter (Summer/Fall 1988).

JOHN HARRIS was raised in Vancouver and White Rock, took degrees at UBC and McGill, and has spent most of his adult life teaching English at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. His collection of short fictions. Small Rain, was published by New Star Books in 1989. He recently read new stories and from a novel-in-progress at R2B2 Books in Vancouver after returning from travels in Central America.

GEORGE BOWERING is currently at work on an "unmentionable" project he refuses to discuss with anyone. His latest book, Harry's Fragments, was published by Coach House in 1990. Bowering was a notable participant in a recent conference, Interventing the Text, organized by Fred Wah at the University of Calgary.

BRIAN FAWCETT's most recent collection, Public Eye: An Investigation into the Disappearance of the World, was published by Grove Press in 1990. He's currently at work on several manuscripts, including a book of critical essays. He writes a regular column for the Globe & Mail, which allows him to pose as a media expert at various events, such as the Mickery Touch Time Festival recently held in Amsterdam.

MICHAEL DE COURCY now lives and works in New Westminster, BC. The work in this issue is one of many of his projects that involve photography and text. His work was recently exhibited at the Pitt Gallery (Aids Benefit Show 1991, Home Show 1990), at Artropolis 90 (Roundhouse, Vancouver), and at the Clochard Gallery, Vancouver (Home/Video solo show).