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Spring 2005 / 2.46

Cartography of One’s Own Country: An Interview with Ingrid de Kok
Four Poems
Flowers and Leaves: Constructing Nature
Hello and Goodbye
In mid-century (translated by Erín Moure
North Atlantic Turbine
Shots of Whiskey Pete: a draft on obscurity and illumination
Three Poems
16 Flowers
The Heights
6 Transluçines from the Ajuda Codex by Calgarii Mourii
from Walk That Land Again: A Travel Journal
COVER: Flowers and Leaves #9: . . . when Women skip (in) Paradise II, 2001 (Nature weaves a digital dream; Flowers culture a garden in cyberspace when women skip (in) paradise) 76” x 40”


CAROLINE BERGVALL is a French-Norwegian poet, critic, and performance artist based in London, England. Her most recent collection of poetic and performance pieces, FIG (Goan Atom, 2), was published by Salt Books in 2005. Collaborative performances with sound artists include, most recently, the installation Little Sugar for TEXT Festival (Bury, 2005) and Say: "Parsley" at the Liverpool Biennial (2004). A CD of readings and audiotexts, Via: poems 1994 -2004 (Rockdrill 8), is available from Carcanet. Her criticism focuses on emerging forms of writing, plurilingual poetry, and mixed media writing practices. She is co-chair of the MFA Writing Faculty, Milton Avery School of the Arts, Bard College, and Research Fellow at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, UK.

ANDREA BRADY is a poet based in London where she lectures in Renaissance literature at Brunel University. She also runs Barque Press (www.barqueprcss.com). Her publications include Embrace (Glasgow: Object Permanence, 2005) and Vacation of a Lifetime (Cambridge: Salt, 2001).

Writer and filmmaker COLIN BROWNE is completing a new book entitled The Shovel. His most recent book, Ground Water (Talonbooks), was nominated for a Governor General's award in 2005. His most recent film, Linton Garner: I Never Said Goodbye, premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival and on CBC's Opening Night. He lives and teaches in Vancouver and is working on two new film projects.

TED BYRNE is a member of the Kootenay School of Writing collective. He works at the Trade Union Research Bureau in Vancouver.

WAYDE COMPTON's most recent book is Performance Bond (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004). Outside of the book, he collaborates with Jason de Couto in an ongoing sound-poetry performance project using multiple turntables and records. Compton teaches English literature and composition at Coquitlam College and is a creative writing instructor in Simon Fraser University's Writing and Publishing Program.

MICHELE LEGGOTT's most recent book of poetry is Milk and Honey published by Auckland UP in 2005. It is Leggott's fifth book of poetry. Her acclaimed critical work Reading Zukofsky 's 80 Flowers was published by Johns Hopkins UP in 1989. Jacket 27 includes Leggott's "Journey to Portugal" (April 2005) arising from her visit to the University of Coimbra International Poetry Festival in 2004. A major project since 2001 has been Leggott's development of the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (www.nzepc.auckland.ac.nz) at the University of Auckland.

D.S. MARRIOTT teaches at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the author of several chapbooks of poetry, including Lative (1992) and Dogma (2001), and the critical monograph, On Black Men (2000). The poems published here are taken from Incognegro, a work in progress.

ERIN MOURE is a Montreal poet and translator. Her most recent book is Little Theatres (Anansi, 2005). Her next book, O Cadoiro, will appear in 2007 from the same press. Her selection from Chus Pato's m-Tala appeared in English as a chapbook published by Nomados, Vancouver, 2002. A long awaited re-issue of her UK chapbook Quasi Flanders, Quasi Extramadura— the work of Chilean poet Andres Ajens — will appear from Left Hand Books in Victoria, 2006.

CHUS PATO lives in Lalin, Galicia where she teaches history and geography at a local college and is active in the nationalist cultural group Redes Escarlata. Her work has been translated from Galician into German, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Lithuanian, and English. She has published seven books of poetry and is working on her eighth, Thermidor; a selected poems has appeared in Spanish translation; and an excerpt from her m-Tala was published in translation by Nomados, 2002. Her English-language translator and big fan, Erin Moure, hopes to find publishers for her books in North America. In Pato's words, "writing metabolizes the world, even the world that cannot be absorbed into writing."

JENNY PENBERTHY is the new editor of TCR. She teaches at Capilano College. Her most recent books include editions of Lorine Niedecker's New Goose (Listening Chamber, 2003) and Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works (U of California P, 2002). In 1996 she edited "Making New: a Selection of Recent South African Writing" for West Coast Line.

BILL SCHERMBRUCKER, a former editor of TCR, was born in Kenya and now lives on Saturna Island, suspended between life, fiction, and history. His novel Crossing Second Narrows, a fictionalized account of the founding of Capilano College and the campus war at Simon Fraser University, is due out from Cormorant in 2008. His latest publications are Saturna in the 1920s (2002) and Campbells Of Saturna (2005), oral histories produced for the Saturna Community Club.

RUTH SCHEUING is an artist who works in textiles with a special interest in weaving as myth and metaphor and as a woman's language. Her works have been exhibited internationally and she has co-edited a book of essays: material matters: The Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles. She teaches in the Textile Arts Program at Capilano College.