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Fall 2003 / 2.41

Autumn Record
The Unusual Narrative of the Odessa Conference
Dinner Hour
Eight Visuals
Everybody’s Got a Pretty Friend
Two Poems
Lyric Capability: The Syntax of Robin Blaser
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ROO BORSON is a poet and essayist living in Toronto. With Kim Maltman and Andy Patton, she is a member of the collaborative poetry group Pain Not Bread, whose Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei was published in 2000. Her new solo collection is Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida (McClelland & Stewart, 2004).

BRIAN BUCKBEE has found a moment of calm in the last place he expected to find it — Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He's taking advantage of the peace by writing letters to his dumb, future self. He plans on collecting the letters in a book called, DearDip!@#$, Letters to my Dumb, Future Self.

LINDSAY DIEHL graduated in English Literature and History from the University of British Columbia; she also participated in The Capilano Review's Writing Practices Program. She has been published by Fireweed and Rant; and was recently shortlisted by Milieu Press in their emerging poet's manuscript contest. She lives on Commercial Drive with her two cats, Earvin and Kobe.

S0REN ALBERTO GAUGER was born and educated in Canada, and has lived in Krakow, Poland for the past 5 years, where he works as a translator, writer and lecturer. His writing is familiar to readers of The Chicago Review, The Prague Literary Review, Spork, Snow Monkey, Milk Magazine, Jacob's Ladder, and others. Ravenna Press (USA) will put out a four-story chapbook in Fall 2003 entitled Quatre Regards sur I'Enfant Jesus, and the story included here will be one of eleven in his first book-length collection, Hymns to Millionaires, due out via the American-run Twisted Spoon Press (Prague) in early 2004. He is at work on a translation of Jerzy Ficowski's short stories (Waiting for the Dog to Sleep) and a second volume of short fiction.

WENDY LU is a Toronto-based visual artist currently working on various mediums that explore how the phenomenon of human cloning relates to the core values of postmodern societies. Her artworks have been exhibited at The Koffler Gallery's The Bookmark Project, Mercer Union, among others in Ontario.

JOHN PASS'S most recent book, Water Stair (Oolichan Books 2000) was shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay Prize (BC Book Award) and for the Governor General's Award. Poems in this issue are from a new collection, Stumbling in the Bloom.

MEREDITH QUARTERMAIN'S books include Terms of Sale, Spatial Relations, A Thousand Mornings and The Eye-Shift of Surface. With Robin Blaser, she recently completed a series of poems, entitled Wanders. Her work has also appeared in ecopoetics, Chain, Sulfur, Matrix, Queen Street Quarterly, The Capilano Review, West Coast Line, Raddle Moon and other magazines. A new book, Vancouver Walking, is forthcoming from NeWest Press.

NORM SIBUM was born in Oberammergau, Germany in 1947. He now lives in Montreal. His most recent book, Girls and Handsome Dogs was published by Porcupine's Quill Press in 2002. It won the A.M. Klein Poetry prize in the same year.