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Winter 2002 / 2.36

Grief and Poetics

3 for WTC
Four Poems
White Death This Exit
Two Poems
Towards a Grammar of Guilt
from Arrival
Bad Free Speech Day
Beach Assemblage, 2001
Three Poems
In the Empire of Grief
from Seventh Column
from Negative Diaspora
September Scenes
COVER: Detail from BEACH ASSEMBLAGE, 2001, #21


IVAN ARGUELLES is the author of numerous books of poetry, most recently the two volume poem Madonna Septet (Poles & Poets, 2000). A recently retired classics librarian, he resides in Berkeley, California.

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DANIEL BOUCHARD lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is a tenant organizer for the Cambridge Eviction Free Zone and a production coordinator for the MIT Press. His first book, Diminutive Revolutions, was published by Subpress in 2000 and is available from Small Press Distribution <www.spdbooks.org>.

MICHAEL BRODER grew up in Coney Island, under the shadow of the Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel. He now lives in New York City with his partner, the poet Jason Schneiderman. His work has appeared in the Brooklyn Review and La Petite Zine.

LEWIS BUZBEE is the author of Fliegelman's Desire, a novel. His stories, poems and essays have appeared in Harper's, GQ, Paris Review, Best American Poetry and elsewhere. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

ALEXANDRA CHASIN teaches 20th century and contemporary U.S. literature and culture at the University of Geneva. Previous publications include Selling Out: The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market (St. Martin's, 2000). Chasin gratefully acknowledges the expert technical assistance of Lauren Miller of New York City and the expert grammatical assistance of Gene Moutoux of Goshen Kentucky in the construction of "Toward a Grammar of Guilt".

SARAH ANNE COX is the author of two chapbooks: Home of Grammar (Double Lucy, 1997) and definite articles (a+bend, 1999). She lives in San Francisco where she writes, windsurfs, and works on a music project called heavenacid (see heavenacid.com). Her first full-length poetry book, Arrival, is forthcoming from Krupskaya Press.

JOHN DIXON is a Capilano College Philosophy instructor and president of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

BRETT ENEMARK has divided his life between Prince George, where he grew up, and Vancouver, where he was educated. He started publishing his poetry and stories in 1970. In 1989 he enrolled in his first film course. Currently he teaches film history at Simon Fraser University. His Ph.D. dissertation, "The Other Inside: Masculinities in Modern Canadian Cinema 1958-1985," is near its final stages.

Witness to the WTC disaster, ADEENA KARASICK is a poet, cultural theorist, mommy, performance and videopoem artist; and the award-winning author of five books of poetry and poetic theory: The Arugula Fugues (Zasterle Press, Spain), Dyssemia Sleaze (Talonbooks, Spring 2000), Genrecide (Talonbooks, 1996), Memewars (Talonbooks, 1994), and The Empress Has No Closure (Talonbooks, 1992). Karasick is Professor of American Literature and Critical Theory at St. John's University in New York. Credit for the first line of section II goes to bill bissett.

CAROLE ITTER is a Vancouver-based artist who has worked with found objects to produce large scale assemblages using wood and a variety of fibers. Most other works relate to environmental concerns on this northwest coast. A departure from this was The Pink Room: A Visual Requiem, an installation which commemorated her daughter’s short life. She is currently working on a seven minute film which takes place at the intertidal line on Burrard Inlet, and also on a large installation using light projection and slide projections.

GEORGE MURRAY'S latest book of poems is The Cottage Builder's Letter (McClelland & Stewart, 2001). His poems and fiction are appearing or forthcoming in the Iowa Review, The Mid-American Review, Nerve, Pequod, Slope and others. He lives and works in New York City. The poems herein are part of a book-length sequence begun in March 2001, tentatively titled The Hunter.

AL NEIL is a well-known Vancouver keyboard artist, writer, multimedia performer, and collagist. His ouvre consists of two novels, a number of essays in catalogues and periodicals, two records, cassette tapes, and a forthcoming CD plus many gallery exhibitions of his assemblages and collages. He and his longtime partner, Carole Itter, have collaborated on numerous projects. Mr. Neil is now in his 78th year.

RENEE RODIN lives in Vancouver. Bread and Salt was published by Talon Books in 1996. More recent work has appeared in West Coast Line, TADS, and at the Venice Biennale. Both image and text for Terra-ism are by Renee Rodin.

BRYAN SENTES is the author of Grand Gnostic Central (DC, 1998); he lives in Montreal. Seventh Column is a 360-line reading of the essay "Wounded and Left on Afghanistan's Plains" by John Barber (The Globe and Mail, Saturday 22 September 2001, F4) "against the grain" across its six columns.

ALAN SONDHEIM will be leaving Florida International University to return to Brooklyn. He co-moderates four email lists, including Cybermind and Wryting, and publishes widely, online and off. His main URL is http:/www.anu.edu.au/english/internet_txt. He may be reached at sondheim@panix.com.

CHRIS TAYLOR, 29, is a Vancouver-raised writer and former editor of BC Business Magazine. He now lives in New York City and works as a staff writer for SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal's personal-finance magazine.