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Fall 2000 / 2.32

Six Stories
from Ransacked
Giraffes: Or, Why and For Whom I Write
Curator’s Introduction
Rough Notes on the Body
from Thumbsketches
SurDel: A Real Estate Insert
Revisiting Dorothy Livesay’s The Husband
from The Year of the Mirror Murders — A Mystery
Editor’s Apology & Gratitudes: An Erroratum
COVER: Balzac 4” x 6”


DI BRANDT's award-winning poetry titles include questions i asked my mother (1987), Agnes in the sky (1990), and Jerusalem, beloved (1995). She met Dorothy Livesay while co-editing Contemporary Verse 2 (founded by Livesay), and currently teaches Creative Writing and Canadian Literature at the University of Windsor.

LORNA BROWN has exhibited her image and text-based installation work nationally and internationally since 1984. Between 1989 and 1999 she taught in the Schools of Visual Art, Media and Critical Studies at ECIAD as well as at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts. She has served as a Board Member for Or Gallery, the Association for Noncommercial Culture, and Burnaby Art Gallery. Brown joined Artspeak as Director/Curator in July of 1999 and is responsible for the operations of the centre and the curation and development of its programs and publications.

CLINT BURNHAM lives in Vancouver, where he teaches at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (postmodernism, cultural theory, Marxism) and runs a liberal arts program for people on the Downtown Eastside. His books include The Jamesonian Unconscious (criticism, Duke, 1995), Steve McCaff'ery (criticism, ECW, 1996), Be Labour Reading (poetry, ECW, 1997), Airborne Photo (fiction, Anvil, 1999), and, forthcoming, A4isms (aphorisms, House) and Buddyland (poetry, Coach House). Work has appeared recently or is about to appear in Sulfur, Queen Street Quarterly, W, West Coast Line, and Matrix. He can be reached at burnham@istar.ca.

my name is scot has exhibited in Canada and abroad since 1993, most recently at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in June, 2000. He studied Philosophy of Art and Medieval Studies at the University of British Columbia, followed by Interdisciplinary Studies at Emily Carr College of Art and Design. His practice, which includes photobased constructions, installation, and site-specific text interventions, is concerned with the effects that image and language systems have upon the creation and/or control of identity.

STAN PERSKY teaches philosophy at Capilano College and in TCR's Writing Practices Program. He is a literary and political columnist for The Vancouver Sun. He's the author of Then We Take Berlin (Knopf Canada, 1995) and Autobiography of-A Tattoo (New Star, 1997).

MARINA ROY has exhibited work nationally and internationally since 1992, and her practice includes a wide range of media including sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, and bookworks. She holds a Master's Degree in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia, and she completed her undergraduate studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Prior to her study in visual arts, she received a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature from Université Laval. Roy currently teaches in the Visual Art Program at the University of Victoria and maintains a custom bookbinding business.

ANNE STONE is author of the novels jacks: a gothic gospel and Hush (Insomniac Press, 1999), as well as the chapbook, Sweet Dick All.

ALICE TEPESCUINTLE doesn't care how you spell or pronounce her name. Her weird cowboy novel, Rattlesnake Hill will soon be appearing on the Edgewise ElectroLit Centre's website (www.edgewisecafe.org) along with some fabulous illustrations by Nicky Rickard. She hopes to finish her mystery book this fall and to one day die surrounded by artificial palm trees, dirty cocktail glasses, and trashy rock stars.