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Fall 1999 / 2.29

Two Glasses of Remy
Two Stories
Twelve Poems
Beyond Closure
Cadboro Bay Photographs
Three Poems
Excerpts from Breathing the Page
Five Poems
Jerusalem the Golden: Text, Annotations, Subtext
COVER: Pray for Us 24” x 18” wood, acrylic paint, scrabble pieces, and various multi-media objects called “miracles” by the artist.


GEORGE BOWERING has published books in almost every mode and genre but has never been nominated for a BC Book Prize. His newest book is a popular history, Egoists and Autocrats. About the Canadian prime ministers, it is published by Viking, and will be published in paperback by Penguin.

WAYDE COMPTON is a Vancouver writer. 49th Parallel Psalm (Advance Editions, 1999) is his first book, a documentary long poem chronicling the African Canadian presence in British Columbia from the arrival of the first black settlers in 1858 to the present.

PHIL HALL'S long poem, Hearthedral: A Folk-Hermetic, was published by Brick Books in 1996. He lives in Toronto, where he edits Flat Singles Press. A memoir with poems, called Trouble Sleeping, will appear next spring as part of Brick Books' 25th Anniversary.

MARGARET HOLLINGSWORTH has written widely for radio, stage, TV, and film and has contributed essays, articles, and stories to periodicals and collections. A collection of her stories Smiling Under Water was published in 1989. Published collections of plays include Endangered Species and Willful Acts. She is now working on a novel. Two of her stage plays have been produced this year in Berlin and London, England. She teaches Creative Writing at the University of Victoria.

MELINDA MOLLINEAUX is a visual artist who has exhibited her work in group and solo shows across Canada and her artist pages have appeared in Diaspora, FUSE, West Coast Line, Front Magazine, and MIX Magazine.

SHARON NELSON is author of eight books and two chapbooks of poems and of essays, feminist analyses, and literary reviews. She co-authored a book about problem-solving and computer programming and has edited computer science texts, taught writing, and lectured about arts and feminist issues across Canada. See <www3.sympatico.ca/sharon.nelson>.

RENEE RODIN lives in Vancouver and is the author of Bread and Salt (Talonbooks). She is currently working on a new collection of writing and is delighted to be in the first issue with Ryan Knighton as editor and wishes him lots of luck.

JAN WADE is an artist/woman of mixed racial heritage, born and raised within a black community in Hamilton, Ontario. Her formative years were greatly influenced by the southern black perspective of her great grandmother, and through the stories, songs and dances of the African Methodist Church. She currently lives in East Vancouver.
Several of the poems published here are from LIZ WALDNER's forthcoming book, A Point Is That Which Has No Part (University of Iowa Press), which has won the 1999 Iowa Prize for Poetry. Her first book, Homing Devices, was published by O Books in 1998.

BETSY WARLAND's most recent book of poetry, What Holds Us Here, was published in 1998. Her prose manuscript, Bloodroot, will be published by Second Story Press, Spring 1999. She is currently working on Breathing the Page — a series of meditations on the materials of writing.