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Spring 1998 / 2.25

Ten Poems
Mrs Fennel in Wagga Wagga
Four Poems
Drawings and Collages
The Malcolm Lowry Professional Development Grant
Four Poems
Too Hot
COVER: Nightmare, 1990 pen & ink, watercolour, 30” x 40”
PHOTO CREDITS: Covers and Plate 1 (Colossus)
All other reproductions


ALEXANDRA DIKEAKOS was born in Greece and received her Fine Arts degree from UBC in 1974. Her art — which includes etchings, ink drawings, watercolours and other mixed media works — draws inspiration not only from contemporary themes but also from the myths and imagery of ancient cultures.

KEITH HARRISON has written three novels, Dead Ends (nominated for the Books in Canada First Novel Award), After Six Days, and Eyemouth (a finalist for the QSPELL Award). His short fiction has won the Okanagan Short Story Prize. He works at Malaspina University-College and lives on Hornby Island. The Malcolm Lowry Professional Development Grantwill also be appearing in a collection of shorter fiction, called Crossing the Gulf, which will be published by Oolichan Books in 1998.

JACK HODGINS is a novelist who teaches fiction workshops at the University of Victoria. His books include Spit Delaney's Island, The Invention of the World, The Macken Charm, and a guide to writing fiction entitled A Passion for Narrative. He has won the Governor General's Award, the Eaton's B.C. Book Award, the Commonwealth Literature Prize (Canada-Caribbean region), and the Canada-Australia Prize.

CORAL HULL was born in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia in 1965. Coral is a full time writer and animal rights activist with an interest in photography. She is a Director for Animal Watch Australia. She completed a Master of Arts Degree at Deakin University in 1994 and a Doctor of Creative Arts Degree at the University of Wollongong in 1998. She has been published extensively in literary magazines in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Her first two collections, In The Dog Box of Summer and William's Mongrels, have been published by Penguin Books, Australia. Her third collection How Do Detectives Make Love? will be published by Penguin in 1998. Her fourth collection Psychic Photography will be published by Hyland House during 1999. Her fifth collection Broken Land has recently been published by Five Islands Press.

STEPHEN OLIVER is an antipodean whose poetic concerns are global. His several collections include & Interviews (1978), Earthbound Mirrors (1984), Guardians, Not Angels (1993), Islands of Wilderness—A Romance (1996). He lives in Sydney, Australia.

D.C. REID has published in most Canadian periodicals and has published four books to date, including a novel (The Knife Behind the Gills), poetry (The Women Who Surround Me), and non-fiction (How To Catch Salmon). His fifth book, from which some of these poems are taken, Love And Other Things That Hurt, will be published by Black Moss in '98 or '99. He is a former president of the Federation of BC Writers and former provincial representative to the League of Canadian Poets.

FARAH TEJANI is a 29 year old East Indian woman born in East Africa, Uganda, Kampala. She has lived in Canada most other life and much of her work deals with either culture or the clashing of the two. Her writing won an honourable mention in the Federation of B.C. Writers' annual writing competition, Literary Writes X in 1996.