Fall 1997 / 2.23

a festschrift for bill bissett

th pome wuz a storee . . .
A Just Measure: breath, line, Body in the work of bill bissett
“when we get there can I smoke?”
Three Poems
bill bissett: A Writing Outside Writing
The Continuous Present
Truth be told, by any other name, bill bissett
bill bissett circa 1967/68
The Flying Eagle
Some times
Composition by Feeled The Visual Art of bill bissett
Three Poems
we ar always on th 401: the use of fiction in bissett’s poems
Vertical Excess: what fuckan theory and bill bissett’s Concrete Poetics
COVER: th rivr is shaking (collection of Brian DeBeck)


JUDITH COPITHORNE was published in the first issue of blewointment press. She lives in Vancouver.

ROBERT ENRIGHT is the editor-at-large for Border Crossings magazine and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail. He is the author of Peregrinations: Conversations with Contemporary Artists.

CATHY FORD was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and now lives in British Columbia. As a poet and fictionalistnist engaged in the feminist revisioning of the english language, she has published nine books of poetry to date, including prose poems and long poems. As well, fiction and personal essays have been published in literary magazines across Canada.

MAXINE GADD has been publishing poetry since the early 60s in small mags. First book guns of the west put out by bill bissett's blewointment press, in 1967, 300 copies no ISBN. Tried it on her own, 1969 at Intermedia producing practical knowledge in coloured Roneo, 130 copies, some with slices of wonderbread stamped by the author. bill put out hochelaga in 1970, and Bertrand Lachance Air Press put out a collection of stuff called westerns in 1975, a first ISNB no., followed by lost language by Coach House Press in 1981. Since then Maxine has tried desktop publishing of lac lake, boatload to atlantis, backup to babylon, and styx. She has one large idyll unpublished called cove and a nineties sort of book called subway under byzantium in the works.

Dedicated to language-centered writing, ethnic and gender concerns, ADEENA KARASICK is the author of three books: Genrecide (Talonbooks, 1996), Memewars (Talonbooks, 1994) and The Empress Has No Closure (Talonbooks, 1992) and has published numerous articles, reviews and dialogues on contemporary poetry, poetics and cultural/semiotic theory. She has recently received her Ph.D (which explored the interplay of pataphysics, Kabbalah, feminist and deconstructuralist discourses) and is now based in New York working on her new text Of Poetic Thinking.

PATRICK LANE has published twenty-three books over the past forty years. His work has been translated into twenty languages and he is widely considered to be one of the finest poets of his generation. He currently teaches writing at the University of Victoria.

CAROL MALYON's books include short story and poetry collections and a novel. She usually lives in Toronto but is currently at UNB as writer-in-residence. Her latest book, Lovers & Other Strangers, is a short story collection published in 1996 by Porcupine's Quill. A children's book Mixed-up Grandmas, will come out next year.

DAVID W. McFADDEN's Great Lakes Suite (fiction) is due out from Talon this fall. Talon also published his most recent book of poems, There'll Be Another and a previous book of poems, Gypsy Guitar. He lives in Toronto and is starting to turn grey — but nothing seems to bother him anymore.

SUSAN MUSGRAVE is a poet, novelist and poetry reviewer for the Vancouver Sun. She has published nineteen books, her most recent being Forcing the Narcissus (poetry) and Musgrave Landing: Musings on the Writing Life (non-fiction). A children's book, Dreams Are More Real than Bathtubs, illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay, will be published by Orca in 1998. She is Chair of the Writers' Union of Canada.

SHARON H. NELSON'S poems have been published in many countries and her writing has been translated into several languages. Her three most recent books, The Work Of Our Hands, Grasping Men's Metaphors and Family Scandals form a series about the constructions of language, culture and gender. The Multiple Meanings of Tongues is in progress.

JAMIE REID is a long-time friend of bill bissett and a former editor of TISH, the influential Vancouver poetry mimeo magazine of the early 1960s. He is the author of three books of poetry, most recently Mad Boys (Coach House Books, 1997). One of the three texts in the Internet version of Mad Boys (http//www.chbooks.com) will be published in bissettese and will be accompanied by some of bill's graphics.

RENEE RODIN was raised in Montreal but in the 60s came to live in Vancouver where amongst other things she has been writing and doing visual art and her book of prose poems Bread And Salt was recently published by Talon.

DARREN WERSHLER-HENRY is a poet and critic who lives and works in Toronto. His first collection of concrete and visual poetry, NICHOLODEON: a book of lowerglyphs, was published in January by Coach House Books.

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