Summer 1993 / 2.11

Not a Venus Flytrap
Captain Kirk
Becoming Frank
Dreaming is a Relative Thing
dance me play
Black Silhouettes
Six Poems
Two Pieces
COVER: Madona #1 and Madona #2 Oil and photo reproductions On canvas 15" x 18" 1993


MONIQUE FOUQUET is an artist internationally known for her drawings. Her most recent work addresses the historical, social, political. and personal implications of both the portrait and self-portrait of the female. It also extends the range of her materials to include painting and photographic elements. Currently she resides in Vancouver where she teaches at Emily Carr College of Art and Design while at the same time completing her MFA at Simon Fraser University.

BETH GOOBIE is the author of Could I Have My Body Back Now, Please? a collection of short fiction and poetry, NeWest Press 1991; Group Homes From Outer Space, Maxwell MacMillan, Series 2000, 1992; Who Owns Kelley Paddik? Maxwell MacMillan, Series 2000, 1993. Her radio play "Continuum" was broadcast on Morningside in 1992, and "Dandelion Moon" was produced by Catalyst Theatre in the same year.

MARK JARMAN is the author of a collodion of stories, Dancing Nightly In 'I'he 'I'avern, and Killing the Swan, a collection of poetry. He edited Ounce of Cure, Beach Holme Press, an anthology of alcohol stories. He attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop and now teaches at the University of Victoria.

ASHOK MATHUR works on the editorial collective for the literary Journal absinthe. He also co-publishes the alternative-format poetry series, disorientation chapbooks, with Nicole Markotic. A short collection of his stories will be published by Wolsak and Wynn in 1994.

TERRENCE REID has worked in picture, word and act in conjunction with cross-discipline Fluxus artists; was the message in the bottle bobbing on the shores of Australia and New Zealand for the New York Correspondence School of Art(ists), write(rs) and other(s); ran the Japan branch (Bank of Tokyo) for Vancouver-based Image Bank, unfiling (sometimes defiling) imagery that is the common currency of unconscious (even if highly visible) culture; has recently complicated a running Dialogue with (Marcel) Duchamp at the site of his Fountain with the signature, R. Mutt; prefers the telephone to writing.

LISA ROBERTSON is a Vancouver writer and bookseller, and a collective member of the Kootenay School of Writing. With Catriona Strang and Christine Stewart she edits the magazine Barscheit. Her book length poem XEclogue appropriates the pastoral genre as a field for fin de siecle feminist writing practise. She was introduced to pastoral potentials through the work of the eighteenth century poet, satirist and political journalist Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.

JANE SOUTHWELL MUNRO has just moved to Point No Point on Vancouver Island, where she hopes to spend more time writing and less time earning a living. The poems in this issue are from a collection Grief Notes & Animal Dreams. She has two earlier books — Daughters, and The Tree just Moved Into A Season Of Other Shapes — and is currently at work on a novel. She teaches creative writing at Kwantlen College.

BOB STRANDQUIST has been writing and working in Vancouver since going through the creative writing program at UBC. He is still in recovery from it. Dreaming is a Relative Thing, is the first story in a collection in progress of the same name.

MICHAEL WINTER is co-editor of TickleAce magazine, published in St. John's, Newfoundland. He has short stories forthcoming; in The Malahat Review, West Coast Line and Canadian fiction Magazine and is completing a short story collection, Enlarged to Show Texture with the help of a Canada Council Explorations grant. He also co-authored a young adult novel, Ask Me No Questions (Prentice-Hall 1990).