Fall 1989 / 2.1

A special double issue to inaugurate the 2nd series of The Capilano Review

Visionary Assemblage: A Builder's Psychosis
Three Masks for Al Neil
On Assemblage
Carole Itter's Uncanny Recuperation Of the Meaning of Wood
Note & Images
Contradiction & Doubt: Some Notes on Tom Burrows
Only Make Believe
Joey Morgan: Pieces of Mind
Notes & Images
Visions in the Blood
Voluminous Luminosity: Some Scents Of Jerry Pethick's Work
Selected Colour and Black & White
FRONT COVER: Prague Fought
BACK COVER: Detail, work in progress, Dollarton, BC


We'd like to thank the artists in this issue for their co-operation in numerous studio visits, and especially for their generosity in supplying the photography, which we could not have afforded otherwise. We're also grateful to the writers who agreed to do the critical notes for this issue on such short notice

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