Fall 1974 / 1.6

Two Prose Pieces
Four Mini-Fictions
Body Art
Origin "Luck Unlock One Luck"
The Metaphysics of Light
Life Style Art
Four Sanskrit Love Poems
Fertilizing the Continent
Inhaling Light
Billy the Kid ('s Woman)
Looking Ahead
The Voices
Three Pictograph Versions
Four Poems
COVER: Dante (Courtesy collection of Robin Blaser)


MAXINE GADD lives in Victoria but has spent a number of years in Vancouver. Her publications consist of Guns of the West (Blew Ointment Press), Hochelaga (Blew Ointment Press), Practical Knowledge (printed in 1969 at Intermedia), and an issue of Air (1971, published by Bertrand Lachance). "It came in a dream" first appeared in IS 14, an issue of work by women, edited by Penny Chalmers.

JOHN LOWRY is a New York writer, who has previously published in California Quarterly, Works, and Red Clay Reader. These pieces are from a collection called Nanda's Nurds.

BEVERLEY SIMONS went to India and Japan to encounter native theatre there, and found the experience powerful. Her play Crabdance was produced in 1969 by Malcolm Black at A Contemporary Theatre. The script is now in its 4th printing with Talonbooks, and she has just adapted it for CBC Radio. Mrs. Simons has been working intensively in film, doing three major scripts and some short pieces. She's now working on another full length theatre play. Preparing was produced in September 1973 at SFU, directed by Hagen Beggs and acted by Anna Hagcn ; it will be the title piece of a collection of her plays which Talonbooks is bringing out in February 1975.

NORA BLANCK recently moved to Vancouver from the United States. She participated in the show Toward Costume at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Spring 1974, and in a show of young B.C. artists at the Bau Xi Gallery, Summer 1974.

ROBIN BLASER grew up in Idaho and studied in Berkeley (Ernst Kantarowicz, the mediaeval scholar, was one of his teachers), where he was active in a group of poets that included Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. He has lived in Vancouver since 1966 (he became a Canadian citizen in 1972) where he still lives, teaching at Simon Fraser University, editing (two issues of Pacific Nation appeared in 1967 and 1969), and writing. His new book Image-Nations 1-12 & The Stadium of the Mirror is due from Ferry Press (London, England) this year. He has also been editing The Collected Books of Jack Spicer which, with an essay titled "The Practice of Outside," Black Sparrow Press will be bringing out next year. In November he gave a reading at Capilano College in the 1974-1975 Poetry Reading Series.

GATHIE FALK, one of British Columbia's best known sculptors, has exhibited often in one-woman and group shows. Her most important recent exhibitions were in Pacific Vibrations at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Fall 1973), and a one-woman show in Paris (Spring 1974) arranged through The Department of External Affairs.

JOHN NEWLOVE is now writer-in-residence at Loyola College in Montreal, where he continues to write, edit, and teach. In October he read at Capilano College as part of the 1974-1975 Poetry Reading Series.

JOYCE CAROL OATES, an internationally acclaimed novelist and poet, continues to maintain an interest in little magazines. She has recently worked with others to start a new private bi-annual, The Ontario Review, published in Windsor, Ontario, where she also teaches at the University. "Fertilizing the Continent" is from her forthcoming book of poems, The Fabulous Beasts.

DOUGLAS BLAZEK is an American poet living in Sacramento, California. He has edited a number of little magazines over the years, and has been affiliated with COSMEP. His last book was Skull Juices (Twowindows Press, 1970).

LESLIE KEYWORTH is a student at The University of British Columbia. This is her first appearance in print.

DARYL RASMUSSEN is a student at Capilano College where he is now majoring in English and Biology, having taken courses in Creative Writing the previous year. This is his first publication.

DAVID WILK lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, where he edits Truck (Box 86, Carrboro), the last issue of which included his "Notes Towards a Phenomenology of Landscape." He is planning to bring out a winter issue dedicated to the work of the late Lorine Niedecker.

PENNY CHALMERS, whose first book, Bearing Down, was published by Coach House Press, has been organizing the reading series at A Space Gallery in Toronto, and will be initiating a branch series in Victoria this November. Her poem in this issue comes from a new manuscript titled tranceform.

SUSAN MUSGRAVE read at Capilano College last Spring as part of that season's Poetry Reading Series. She continues to live in Victoria. Her recent book, Grave Dirt & Selected Strawberries (Macmillan), appeared earlier this year.

BRETT ENEMARK is from Prince George (Lheitii) but has been living intermittently in Vancouver since 1965. He is currently attending Simon Fraser University, is a student of Robin Blaser's, and with others is editing Iron (323 Semlin Drive, Vancouver). A double issue of Iron (15-16) is scheduled to appear late this year.

FRED WAH, who "grew up on the shores of the Kootenay" and did graduate work at Albuquerque and Buffalo (where he co-edited Magazine of Further Studies and Niagara Frontier Review), now lives in South Slocan and teaches at Selkirk College. His most recent publications are Among (Coach House Press, 1972), Tree (Writing Series #9, Vancouver Community Press, 1972) and Earth (Curriculum of the Soul #6, Institute of Further Studies, Buffalo, 1974). He edits the mimeo mag Scree and has most recently been writing a series of poems based on the pictographs recorded in John Corner's Pictographs in the Interior of B.C.

The Editors of The Capilano Review would like to thank BEVERLEY REID for the magnificent and painstaking work she did in making the initial transcript (some 70 pages) of the Robin Blaser tapes for The Metaphysics of Light. We would also like to thank DOUG BJORKMAN for kindly allowing us to use his photographs of Robin Blaser.