Spring 1989 / 1.50

A special double issue to celebrate the 1st series of The Capilano Review

Poppycock & Druthers
from Pulp Log
Two Poems
Three Prose Pieces
Two Poems; Two sections from Honeymoon Suite
The Creature
Three Poems
Three Poems
Four Poems
Four Poems
Two Poems
St. Anzas IX
Two Poems
Eight Poems
The Akron Design Centre
Who Nose
Recent Work
from the Vessels series
Recent Work
from Circadian Rhythm
Eight Poems
A Horde of Butterflies
Late Night News & After
Playland: "The Concentration"
Coming Up for Air
Sunrise Till Dark
COVER: Museo La Specola; 18c Anatomical Wax, Head. Cover images courtesy The Canada Council and the Diachem Corporation.


ROBIN BLASER's work in this issue is one of the context poems to his Great Companions series; others from this series recently appeared in Line magazine (#12). Robin's most recent books are Syntax (Talonbooks 1983), The Faerie Queen and The park (Fissure Books 1988), and Pell Mell (Coach House 1988). A special section was devoted to his work in TCR 6, and he has appeared in TCR 8/9 and 18.

BARRY McKINNON's work in this issue comes from a series-in-progress called Pulp Log, a meditation on work, family and the environmental desecrations in and around Prince George. Barry recently edited an issue of Open Letter (7th series: Nos. 2/3: Summer/Fall 1988) called BC Poets & Print. Coach House published his book of poems, The the, in 1980. A special section on Barry's work appeared in TCR 32, and he has printed in TCR 8/9 and 12.

GERRY GILBERT'S poems in this issue come from a group titled "How to Eat a Peach." A recent issue of BC Monthly Magazine featured "Riding the Dog," Gerry's record of a cross-Canada reading tour in 1988. A major collection of work, Moby Jane, appeared from Coach House in 1987. Gerry's poetry has appeared in TCR 2, 4, 5, 8/9 and 12.

CHRIS DEWDNEY lives and works in Toronto. He has produced six books since 1978, and three of them were nominated for Governor-General's Awards: Predators of the Adoration (McClelland & Stewart 1983), The Immaculate Perception (Anansi 1986), and The Radiant Inventory (McClelland & Stewart 1988). Alter Sublime appeared in 1980 and Permugenesis in 1987. His work appeared in TCR 8/9.

VICTOR COLEMAN was the focus of TCR's first special section in #5, and his work also appeared in TCR 21. The illustrated poems in this issue are from a new book, Honeymoon Suite, which will be published in the coming year. The text and the images were drawn by David Bolduc, who also illustrated Roy Kiyooka's Pear Tree Pomes (Coach House 1987). David exhibits regularly with the Klonaridis Gallery in Toronto Victor's selected poems, Revisions, appeared from Coach House in 1985; From the Dark Wood (Underwhich), appeared in 1986 The other poems in this issue come from a new text called Nothing Heavy or Fragile. Coach House will bring out the audiotape version, and Pink Dog Press will bring out the print version.

GEORGE BOWERING's most recent books are Errata (Red Deer College Press 1988) and Imaginary Hand (NeWest Press 1988), two collections of critical writing. George appeared in TCR 1, and has been a frequent contributor since then (TCR 1, 7, 8/9, 11, 13). A special section was devoted to his work in TCR 15.

DAVID PHILLIP's work in this issue is from No Visible Means of Support, one of a number of manuscripts in progress. His collection The Dream Outside was one of the first Coach House Press titles; they also published his most recent collection, The Kiss (1979). A chapbook, Blink /Gumboots, appeared from Tatlow/Gorse Press in 1986. His work was the focus of a special section in TCR 32, and he has appeared in TCR 3, 11 and 12.

SHARON THESEN is currently at work on a series of poems investigating the implications of Henri Matisse's paintings; "Boat of the Dead" comes from this series. Sharon was twice nominated for the Governor General's Award for her most recent books, Confabulations (Oolichan 1984), and The Beginning of the Long Dash (Coach House 1987). Sharon's work was recently featured in The Malabat Review (83). Sharon published in TCR 8/9 and 16/17, and has made an enormous contribution to the magazine as Poetry Editor (1977-1989).

PHYLLIS WEBB's poems in this issue come from a new collection in progress called Hanging Fire. The poem titles in quotation marks indicate given words and phrases that come unbidden into the poet's head which she is tracking over a period of time. Her recent book was Water and Light: Ghazals & Antighazals (Coach House 1984). Her work appeared in TCR 1.

DUNCAN McNAUGHTON lives and works in Bolinas, California. He has published several books, including A Passage of Saint Devil (Talonbooks 1976), Sumeriana (Tombouctou 1977), and Shit on My Shoes (Tombouctou 1979). His work appeared in TCR 8/9 and 12.

bpNICHOL (1948-1988) was one of Canada's foremost writers. Not only was he active in the areas of poetry and fiction, but he was also known for his work in the areas of comics, "pataphysical essays," text-sound composition and children's books. His major life's work The Martyrology was an attempt to integrate all facets of his artistic life into one diverse and polyphonic composition. The author of over eighteen books of poetry, Nichol was a publisher himself, under the imprints of Ganglia and Gronk; was an editor at Coach House Press and Underwhich Editions; and was the winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1970. His work has appeared in TCR 3, 5, 8/9 (including an interview), 13, 27, 31 and 45. We are grateful to Elli Nichol for permission to print the work in this issue.

DAPHNE MARLATT's latest work in progress is called Salvage. She joined us as poetry editor in 1974, and later co-founded and edited periodics. She is a regular participant in Women and Words, and has been writer-in-residence at several universities and libraries. She recently held the Ruth Wynn Woodward chair in Women's Studies at SFU. She lives on Salt Spring Island. TCR 16/17 was a special issue devoted to Marlatt's "In The Month of Hungry Ghosts," and Michael Ondaatje's parallel text "Running in the Family."

DAVID McFADDEN's Gypsy Guitar (Talonbooks 1987), "a hundred poems of love and betrayal," was short-listed for a Governor General's award. His third "trip around" book, A Trip Around Lake Ontario was published last year by Coach House. After promoting the book at the Salon du Livre in Montreal, David upgraded his ticket and climbed aboard VIA RAIL 1st Class anticipating endless free grog—only to discover it was election day. The poems published here are from a new book tentatively titled Small (and tentatively subtitled: "And Not Very Ambitious Either"). TCR published his work in #15.

AUDREY THOMAS is a prolific writer who lives on Galiano Island. Her 14 books so far include Mrs. Blood (Talonbooks 1975) and the popular Songs My Mother Taught Me (Talonboolc 1973) and Goodbye Harold, Good Luck (Penguin 1986). Her next collection of stories, In the Wide Blue Yonder is due out from Penguin in the fall. TCR 7 contained a special section on Audrey and we have had the pleasure of publishing several of her stories and essays over the years. Recently she has discovered an interest in travel writing, notably for Saturday Night and En Route magazine, and her radio plays are frequently heard on CBC radio. Faced with the impending distraction of a year of teaching at Concordia University, Audrey is working hard to finish her novel about her Corbet (or is it Corbett?) ancestors. Audrey's work has appeared in TCR 5, 7, 13, 20, 28 and 32.

BRIAN FAWCETT's Cambodia: A Book/or People who Find Television Too Slow (Talonbooks) has just been published in a U.S. edition by Grove Press. TCR 12 contained a special section on Brian, including an essay by Stan Persky. He has published several books of poetry, but began a new run with his collection My Career With the Leafs and Other Stories (Talonbooks 1983). The story published here is from a new collection, currently in the hands of Fawcett's Toronto and New York agents.

GLADYS HINDMARCH's work first appeared in TCR 4, and she subsequently joined the English Department at Capilano College. Her collection of boat stories, The Watery Part of the World, was published in 1988 by Douglas & McIntyre.

MICHAEL ONDAATJE lives in Toronto and teaches at Glendon College. He is on the Board of Coach House Press and does many other things besides. Meanwhile he has turned out a steady progression of beautifully written books, including his classic masterpiece Coming Through Slaughter (Anansi 1976), and the much-celebrated novel In the Skin of a Lion (McClellan & Stewart 1987). Ondaatje's collected poems are published under the title There's a Trick with a Knife I’m Learning to Do (McClelland & Stewart 1979).

RICHARD TRUHLAR is a writer, visual artist and text/sound/musical composer. A great believer in collaboration, he was an active member of the sound poetry group Owen Sound and the electronic music ensemble Tekst. He has had three books published: A Porcelain Cup Placed There (Coach House Press), Parisian Novels (Front Press) and Utensile Paradise (Aya Press). His forthcoming collection of fiction. Figures in Paper Time, will be published by Aya Press in the fall of 1989. Steve Smith and Richard Truhlar were the guest editors of The Capilano Review's issue on sound poetry (#31), and Richard's work has also appeared in TCR 26.

GREG MURDOCK is a local artist who is beginning to establish an international reputation through his recent solo exhibition in New York. The Equinox Gallery is his Vancouver dealer. Murdock's "Templo-Mound Series" was published in TCR 21.

MONIQUE FOUQUET is a Vancouver artist who has recently shown her Vessels at the Surrey Art Gallery and at the Diane Farris Gallery. Her work has been published in TCR 13 and 36.

GATHIE FALK is a Vancouver artist with national and international reputation. Her work is in many public collections. Falk is shown regularly in Vancouver's Equinox Gallery and Toronto's Isaacs Gallery. Diary, a seven part mural that records a bed of tulips' progress from bud to overblown ripeness, has been installed in the Canadian Embassy in Washington. Gathie Falk's work was published in TCR 6 and 8/9. Gathie Falk Works was TCR 24/25.

LOLA LEMIRE TOSTEVIN lives and works in Toronto, and writes in both French and English. The work in this issue is a small section from a work-in-progress, "Circadian Rhythm," a short story that will connect with others to form a book tentatively called Subject to Change. Her most recent books are Double Standards (Longspoon 1986) and Color of her Speech (Coach House 1985). Her work appeared in TCR 28.

ERIN MOURE recently won the Governor General's Award for Poetry (1988) for Furious (Anansi). A new book, West South West (Vehicule) will be forthcoming in the fall of 1989, and she is beginning a manuscript entitled, very tentatively, Seams. She lives in Montreal. Her work appeared in TCR 34 and 48.

SHEILA DELANY is a professor of English at Simon Fraser University specializing in Chaucer, gender studies and critical theory. She has published fiction and poetry in various Canadian and U.S. magazines. Shapes of Ideology, a collection of essays on medieval culture, will be published in fall of 1989 by Manchester University Press. Her work was in TCR 41.

GILLIAN HARDING-RUSSELL has recently published or will shortly publish poetry in Quarry, Canadian Literature, Dandelion, Synergy, and The White Wall Review. She is currently working on two book projects. Her work can be found in TCR 39 and 43. She lives in Surrey, B.C.

ROBERT G. SHERRIN divides his creative energy between writing and photography. He is currently working on both long and short fiction pieces, as well as several on-going photography projects. His fiction has been published in various magazines, including TCR 8/9, 13, 18 and 37, and 2PLUS2 in Switzerland. His photographs have recently been shown at Presentation House, the Surrey Art Gallery and Artspeak. He teaches at Capilano College.

GARY GEDDES' most recent book, HongKong, won the National Magazine Gold Award (1987) and the Writers' Choice Award (1988). His Chilean poems, No Easy Exit / Salida Dificil, will be published in a bilingual edition in 1989 by Oolichan Books and Casa Canada. His selected poems are due out in 1990 from Vehicule in Montreal. He is on leave this year, thanks to an A-grant from the Canada Council. His stories can be found in TCR 39 and 44.

K.D. MILLER has published fiction in Flare and Writ Magazine, as well as in TCR 42 and 46. Several of her short stories have been short-listed in the CBC literary contest. She lives and works in Toronto

ROBERT KEZIERE's images come from a series of photographs, A Tautomer's Song, which was commissioned by the Diachem Corporation. An exhibition of this series will take place in the coming year at the Contemporary Art Gallery (curator, Gregg Bellerby). His last exhibition, A Requiem, was held at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver in 1985; it also toured to Lethbridge, Athens and Rome. The Capilano Review has often relied on the excellence of Robert's work as a photographer of fine art.