Spring 1974 / 1.5

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The Trench Dwellers
The Genius
The Caprice Hotel
Green Stakes for the Garden
A Sacred Mole, Sacrificed
From the Realms of the Unseen Father
Three Collaborations (w/ David Young)
Vic D'Or / Gerry Gilbert
In Limbo / Warren Tallman
Seven Photographs
The Street Lamp
Two Poems
from Boat Works
Three Poems
Notebook Entries


bp NICHOL has been travelling across Canada with his sound poetry group, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They gave an exceptionally fine reading at The Western Front recently, and we look forward to having bp and the Horsemen at Capilano College next year.

JACK HODGINS' stories are always a pleasure to publish. Jack lives in Lantzville and teaches English at the Nanaimo High School. He is one of B.C.'s most authentic fiction writers. In 1973 he won the prestigious President's Medal from the University of Western Ontario, for a story in Wascana Review. Jack has previously published in The Capilano Review, Event, Canadian Forum, The Journal of Canadian Fiction, Alphabet, Descant, Northwest Review, North American Review, and The Antigonish Review.

NANCY THAYER is a West Vancouver resident. She has published stories in Nimrod, Kansas Quarterly, and the Spanish magazine Cuadernos.

JANICE HARRIS is a Capilano College student majoring in Arts. She had a summer job in a hotel, out of which experience the story published here emerged. Janice is an Associate Poetry Editor of The Capilano Review.

AUDREY THOMAS lives in Vancouver and on Galiano Island. Following an Atlantic "Firsts" publication in 1965, Audrey has published a collection of stories, Ten Green Bottles (Bobbs Merrill, 1967), Mrs. Blood, a novel (Bobbs Merrill, 1970), two novellas, Munchmeyer & Prospero on the Island (Bobbs Merrill, 1972), and her latest novel is Songs My Mother Taught Me (Bobbs Merrill & Talonbooks, 1974). She has recently completed a draft of her new novel, tentatively titled Blown Figures. Audrey's plays have been heard on the CBC of late. She has won several Canada Council awards.

DON DRUICK continues to pursue The Great Canadian Metamusic in and around Vancouver.

VICTOR COLEMAN, one of the founders of Canada's original little press, Coach House, has lived and written in Toronto for a number of years. He edited the little mag Island and now (more often than not) edits Is. His books of poetry include one/eye/love, Light Verse, Strange Love, Parking Lots, America, and he has a new book, Stranger, appearing from Coach House soon. He recently gave very fine readings at The Western Front and Capilano College.

DAVID YOUNG has been experimenting with prose, both in his own writing and in collaboration with Victor Coleman. He is currently editing the 3rd edition of the Coach House anthology, The Story So Far.

GERRY GILBERT'S poem printed here is from the series Canada's Top Poet. Flow Dylan: Robert Duncan was in Open Letter 2/4. Roy Kenzie Kiyooka was in artscanada magazine No. 158/159. Gerry is at present working with Peter Power on a 16 mm. movie project, 25 Views of Vancouver; with Bob Amussen publishing & editing The BC Monthly; with Dwight Gardiner arranging the Monday Night Readings at The Western Front; with Michael de Courcy on a book, The History of Interim-dial Vancouver; and with Michael Goldberg on VIDEO / BAG, at the Burnaby Art Gallery in Fall 1974. Gerry can be reached at Canadas National Magazine, Box 8884, Station H, Vancouver 5. "Boycott the Postal Code."

WARREN TALLMAN has published a number of critical articles on contemporary Canadian and American poetics in Canadian Literature and other leading literary magazines. His latest publication is Three Essays on Creeley, a Beaver Kosmos Folio from Coach House Press.

REX WEYLER immigrated to Canada from the U.S. in 1971. He teaches photography at the Gallery of Photography, North Vancouver, and has exhibited his work several times in the Lower Mainland in connection with the Aural History Institute. He is "interested in investigating the way in which people control and are controlled by their self-made as well as imposed environments."

HOPE ANDERSON is a young poet from Montreal who has recently moved to Vancouver. This is his first publication in The Capilano Review.

DAVID WILK edits Truck from Carrboro, North Carolina (Box 86), and has published a selection of poems called Sassafras (1973, a Tansy publication). He is presently working on a field guide to wild edible plants of the North East coast.

PETER HUSE is also a composer, a "dynamite scat singer" (Zonko), has taught at Sir George Williams University, and presently directs a project at the Communications Centre at Simon Fraser University. His recent book, Prairie Poems, appeared in the Caledonia Writing Series (Prince George).

BOB ROSE ran the Press of the Black Flag Raised at Cambridge, Mass., and has published some of his poetry in the Georgia Straight Writing Supplement. He now lives in Vancouver where he is apprenticing as a boat builder. The selection in this issue is from a larger manuscript detailing the intersections of this work with his writing.

ZONKO now lives in Vancouver. A Palinode (November 1972) is available from Golem Press, 52 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, or from the Richard Pender, "the Perceptive Reader's Bookstore," in Vancouver.

STAN PERSKY works at Mental Patients Association in Vancouver, and writes for The Western Voice newspaper. His recent publications include The Day (1972) and Slaves (1974) from New Star Press.