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1988 / 1.48

Two Poems
Three Poems
Two Poems
Two Poems
Three Poems
Process & Progress: The Rock
Six Poems
Seeing Red: Aettehoegens Ande
Two Poems
COVER: Stacked Falls (detail)


GORDON TURNER is the author of No Country For White Men (Turnstone). His manuscript, A Poem As Big As a Mountain, is being considered for publication. He teaches creative writing at Selkirk College in Castlegar.

J. MICHAEL YATES's poems published here are excerpted from the next book in the ongoing process which began with The Great Bear Lake Meditations. Having been a writer and teacher for some time, he is now a prison guard in the correctional system of B.C.

CHRIS WARREX's poetry has appeared in Quarry, Poetry Toronto, The University of Toronto Review, Grail, and The Northward Journal. He is a graduate of York University and works at a hospital in Toronto.

MARGARET HORVATH's work has been published or accepted for publication by Prism, Frogpond, The Malahat Review, The New Orleans Review, Haiku Canada, and Descant.

KATHY FRETWELL's recent work is or soon will be published in Quarry, Implosion, Taproot, and Canadian Women's Studies, among others. "The Poet As Walking Dictionary" appeared in the March 1988 issue of Poetry Toronto.

ALAN WOOD currently exhibits with the Heffel Gallery in Vancouver and with Gallerie Franklin Silverstone in Montreal, where he had his most recent solo show. As always, Alan has numerous projects in the works, amongst which is a survey of his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the near future.

ERIN MOURE lives in Montreal. Her most recent book, from Anansi, is Furious.

GEORGE RAMMELL has taught at ECCAD, Capilano College, and the Visual Art Center of Alaska. He produces large monumental works which combine such materials as stone, bronze, glass and steel. He is currently engineering a major sculpture for Bill Reid to be sited at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

KAREN PETERSEN writes from Vancouver, and has had work published previously in The Antigonish Review, NeWest Review, Quarry, Rampike, and other publications.