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1987 / 1.43

Four Poems
The Breeding Ground
Recent Work
Two Stories
Three Poems


SALLY ITO has published in a number of magazines, including Dandelion and Fireweed. Originally from Alberta, she has recently graduated from the Creative Writing programme at UBC and now lives in Vancouver.

BRENDA RICHES edits Grain magazine in Regina. "The Breeding Ground" will be published as part of Rites by Porcupine's Quill Press in 1988.

MICHAEL CARMICHAEL currently lives in Vancouver. He is writing an adventure/carpentry novel and working on a multimedia series, Hazards to Navigation. Oyster Wine, a book of his poetry, was published by Island Press and Oolichan Books (1974, 1978).

GILLIAN HARDING-RUSSELL lives in Surrey, B.C. Others of her poems will soon be appearing in event, NeWest, Canadian Literature and Quarry, and have previously been published in TCR #39.

MICHAEL MIROLLA is Assistant Entertainment Editor for the Montreal Gazatte. He has been writing fiction for twenty years, some of which has been published in such magazines as Prism, event, Quarry, and Matrix.

NANCY MACKENZIE, a graduate of the Kootenay School of Writing, now works as Editor-in-Chief at Plains Publishing in Edmonton. Her poetry has previously been published under the name Nancy-Jean Thomson, in The Pottersfield Portfolio, Writing and Lyrical Treasures, among others.