1987 / 1.42

Four Poems
Andrew and the Beasts
Works in Progress
Three Stories
One's Company
Two Poems
COVER: Detail from Pyrolith


RAYMOND SOUSTER was born, educated, raised, and is still living in Toronto. He recently published a book of poems, It Takes All Kinds (Oberon, 1986), and is currently working on two books, Loving You, a book of love poems, and Asking For More.

MARION DOUGLAS moved from Ontario to Alberta five years ago. She works in Calgary as a school psychologist, and, when her two children are in bed, she writes.

GEORGE RAMMELL concentrates on producing large, very labour-intensive sculptures. The three works shown here and another work-in-progress, tentatively called Bear Temple, will be exhibited in the near future. He has taught at Capilano College, at ECCAD, and at the Visual Arts Centre of Alaska.

KATHLEEN MILLER is a Toronto freelance actor and writer. She has published stories and articles in Flare, The Globe and Mail, and TCR (23), and has four times been a finalist in the CBC Literary Contest.

GERALD LYNCH teaches English at the University of Ottawa. He has published numerous stories, essays, and reviews, including a story in TCR 23. Other stories are forthcoming in The Dalhousie Review, Canadian Fiction Magazine, The Canadian Forum, and The Wascana Review.

EDWARD MYCUE lives and writes in San Francisco.