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1986 / 1.41

An Interview with Daphne Marlatt
From Ana Historic
Notes from Cuba
Two Stories
Eight Poems
Telling Hours: A Convent Journal
Recent Drawings
COVER: Aeroflot Window


ELEANOR WACHTEL is a Vancouver writer and broadcaster with enthusiasms for west coast writing. She is one of the editors of the feminist literary quarterly, Room of One's Own. In a non-literary lapse, she co-edited The Expo Story.

DAPHNE MARLATT is the author of a dozen books and has co-edited a number of literary magazines, including a period as Poetry Editor of TCR in its early days. She has recently completed a reading tour of Australia, Singapore and Oslo. Forthcoming is a novel called Ana Historic.

GEORGE WEBBER works as staff photographer for SAIT, Calgary. He travels extensively with a Leica Rangefinder 35 mm., and is presently preparing to print the photographic work from a trip to France and Morocco. Prints from his Badlands series were exhibited this year in Paris and Canberra.

EUGENE DUBNOV was horn in the USSR in 1949, and emigrated in 1971. He is currently Writer in Residence in Carmel College, Oxfordshire. He has published two volumes of poetry in Russian; poems and short stories, translated into and written in English, have appeared in magazines in Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

LARY TIMEWELL (BREMNER) edits Tsunami Editions, a recent series of chapbooks featuring Vancouver writers, and is currently working on a translation of "Mentalite, detail" by Quebec writer Michel Gay. The poems and polaroids in this issue are from a group entitled Pas d'Affiche.

SHEILA DELANY teaches literature at SFU, has published fiction in numerous Canadian and American magazines, and has just finished a novel.

LESLIE POOLE recently showed selected prints, paintings and drawings at the Crown Gallery in Vancouver (see TCR #34). In the spring of 1987, he will exhibit his landscape series at the Richmond Art Gallery.