Fall & Winter 1973 / 1.4

Two Chapters
Catching Hell
Mr. Image
For Me It Was Foxes
The Lake
Three Photographs
Six Poems
Summer of 73
Three Poems
The Blood-Tie
The Big Leagues
COVER: Image from the Big O


GLADYS HINDMARCH has a 2 1/2-year-old child and caretakes and teaches, and has not enough time for herself. The chapters published here arise from her year and a half as cook and messgirl on a B.C. coastal freighter. Gladys has published irregularly in local journals and papers, including The Georgia Straight, The Grape, Iron, Pacific Nation and Tish. Her book Sketches was published by Beaver Kosmos (Montreal) in 1971. The Peter Stories is coming out this year as a joint production of Gronk and Coach House Press. Birth, which Gladys describes as "an account," will also be published in 1974 by Co Tinneh Books of Castlegar. Gladys recently gave a well-received reading at Capilano College.

GRAEME FOSTER is a student at Capilano College in the Audio¬visual Program. He grew up in North Vancouver, has lived in Europe and the Canary Islands, and presently lives in Vancouver with his wife and child. As well as studying film animation, Graeme is taking creative writing, and this is his first publication.

JOHN HARRIS teaches English at The College of New Caledonia, and co-edits Seven Persons Repository. He has published in little magazines, including Canadian Forum and Dr. Generosity's Almanac. His book of poems and photographs called Alberta was published by Repository Press.

PENNY CHALMERS, who lives in Ward's Island off Toronto, recently edited an issue of IS (Coach House Press) devoted to women's work, and is busy organizing this year's series of readings at A Space Gallery.

KATHY DUNCAN is a mature-entry student at Capilano College. Originally from the Chicago area, she has lived in various parts of Canada for the past six years. Kathv began writing only a few months ago, and this is her first publication.

CRAIG FERRY is a free-lance photographer from Vancouver. His work in this issue is primarily a study in texture, as opposed to resolution. Although his work has previously appeared in papers, this is his first magazine publication.

BILL BISSETT, who edits Blew Ointment, is one of the finest oral poets in the country, a rhythmer of powerful chants. He has a new book out from Talon press, pass th food release th spirit book.

GERRY GILBERT has two new books forthcoming: Skies (Talonbooks), and Journal to the East (Blew Ointment Press).

JIM GREEN has had poems published in Blackfish and North. The Canadian Author and Bookman and Spring Rain have also accepted poems for publication. Blackfish intends to publish a volume of his work early next year.

EDOARDO SANGUINETI is an Italian writer, born in Genoa in 1930. He has published extensively in Italy, and his novel Italian Caprice has appeared in English translation.

MARCIA NORI, who now lives in Toronto, has her M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She has published her own poetry, as well as translations from Italian and other European writers, in many Canadian magazines.

JANCIS ANDREWS, a mature-entry student at Capilano College, was born and raised in England. Taking a few courses at a time, Jancis eventually hopes to work as a nurse when she completes her studies. We look forward to more poems from her in the future.

GEORGE BOWERING has for some time been reaching beyond the limits of lyric poetry to new forms in prose. A book of prose studies, titled Curious, is due from Coach House Press early in 1974. He is currently teaching at Simon Fraser University, and putting together the final issue of his excellent little magazine, Imago.

CHRISTOS DIKEAKOS is a Vancouver artist who has been active both in the production of new work and in teaching, primarily at the University of British Columbia. The collages reproduced here are four from a series of eight, which was recently exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the Pacific Vibrations show. He continues to explore the potential of collage.

COLIN JACKSON, whose fine photograph of a Big 0 habitué appears on this issue's cover, is an Audio-Visual student at Capilano College.