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1986 / 1.39

Kitenmax, The Russian Gang, And The Enemies of Fiction
Five Poems
And There Is No Junta
(Returning To) The Scene of The Crime
Two Poems
Orange Rind (for five voices)
COVER: #III from (Returning To) The Scene of The Crime


GARY GEDDES is an editor, poet, playwright, critic, anthologist and writer of fiction. His latest book, The Terracotta Army, won the Americas Best Book Award in the 1985 Commonwealth Poetry Competition. He has a book of stories, The Unsettling of the West, forthcoming from Oberon Press and three collections of poetry: Changes of State (Coteau), / Didn't Notice the Mountain Growing Dark (Cormorant Books), and Hung Kong.

LUCILLE KING-EDWARDS lives in Montreal. A selection other work can be found in Four by Four (Villeneuve Press, Montreal).

DON McKAY lives and works in southern Ontario. His most recent book of poetry is Birding, or Desire.

CAROLINE ADDERSON is an Albertan now living arid writing in New Orleans. She was a winner in last year's Put It In Words fiction competition and has been published in several magazines, including Grain.

VINCE DZIEKAN was graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1986 and has since moved to Australia. (Returning to) The Scene of the Crime is his second major photography cycle. The first, A Last Judgement, was shown in the ECCAD Concourse Gallery and the San Francisco Art Institute in 1985.

GILLIAN HARDING-RUSSELL lives in Saskatoon. "Opal's Dream" is inspired by Timothy Findley's novel, Not Wanted on the Voyage.

RAY FILIP lives in Verdun, Quebec. He is currently working on a book of short stories. His poems have appeared in a number of recent anthologies, including Dennis Lee's New Canadian Poets.

MICHAEL KENYON's work has appeared in many literary magazines, including The Malahat Review, Quarry, Grain, and The Capilano Review #27 and #36. He lives in Victoria.