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1986 / 1.38

The Jewish Question
Before Souvenir
Souvenir Recollected
Souvenir: A Recollection in Several Forms
Cubes in Arms: A Play in One Act
COVER:Detail Murmings In Souvenir Joey Morgan



LLOYD ABBEY is a literary critic (Shelley and the Romantics), and author of four books of poetry, the latest of which is The Antlered Roy (Oberon, 1984). He is currently preparing for publication a 180,000-word novel on whales and dolphins.

JOEY MORGAN has produced several major installation works that combine found and created materials with meticulous photo-documentation. The most recent of these, Souvenir: A Recollection in Several Forms, will be shown at the National Gallery, Ottawa, in summer 1986. An earlier work, Fugue, will be on display simultaneously at the Banff School of Fine Arts, Alberta.

CATE RIMMER is a recent graduate of the Curatorial Studies programme of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. She will be curating art shows for the Vancouver premises of the Kootenay School of Writing.

RICHARD E. BROWN was educated at Stanford and Cornell Universities and has taught at the University of Nevada Reno since 1972. He has published criticism of Restoration and Eighteenth-century drama, and is a writer of fiction.