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1984 / 1.33

Film Issue

Four Poems
Storyboard notes (facsimile)
Letter to Daryl Duke
Storyboard notes (facsimile)
Film clips: Mosaic
Toronto-London: One Way Gray Coach Lines
Storyboard notes (facsimile)
Early notes for The Hart of London
Notes: sounding off in CAPITAL LETTERS
Film clip: Mosaic
Film clip: Hybrid
Film clip: R 34
Film clip: Circle
Film clip: The Hart of London
Letter to Olga (excerpt: facsimile & translation)
Letter from Stan Brakhage to Jack Chambers (facsimile)
Letter from Stan Brakhage to Edith (facsimile)
Letter to Simon (excerpt)
Jack Chambers as Film-maker
The Hart of London
Notes & Credits
COVER: Detail of The Hart of London



JACK CHAMBERS was born in 1931 in London, Ontario. He
studied there and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.
During the 60s and 70s, he exhibited his art nationally and
internationally, gaining a wide audience. He made films during
those decades which are not widely known. He died in April, 1978,
leaving six complete and two unfinished films.

TOM GRAFF is an artist well-known for his performance art,
private press books and curating. This issue of The Capilano Review
is a companion publication to Graff’s Jack Chambers' Film Retrospective
which will tour all eight films for three years out of Pacific Cinemateque
Pacifique. Graff is now chief curator of fine arts for the Canadian
Pavilion at EXPO 86.

ROSS WOODMAN is a professor of English Literature at the
University of Western Ontario and the author of The Apocalyptic
Vision in the Poetry of Shelley
(University of Toronto Press), James
(McClelland and Stewart), and Chambers (Coach House
Press). Woodman was Jack's mentor and friend.

AVIS LANG is an independent art critic and curator. She has
taught Women's Studies and Art History at many colleges and
institutions. Her correspondence with Jack Chambers appeared in
Vanguard Magazine (May, 1982). She resides in New York.