1984 / 1.30

At the Pool


ED VARNEY runs Intermedia Press along with his partner Henrv Rappaport. As indicated in the interview, Ed has enough projects to last a lifetime.

GRANT BUDAY studied writing at Capilano College. Labyrinth is an excerpt from his first novel which concerns the imagined life of Marco Polo in the court of Kublai Khan. Buday is now working on a second novel.

RON SMITH is a well-known publisher, writer and teacher who lives in Lantzville. He runs Oolichan Books and instructs English at Malaspina College. The manuscript from which the Nicole poems were selected will be published by Sono Nis Press.

A teacher at Simon Fraser since 1970, SHIELA DELANY has published articles, reviews and essays in many North American journals. Her short stories will soon appear in Fiddlehead, West Coast Review and Queen's Quarterly.