Spring & Summer 1973 / 1.3

By the River
Four Photographs
Los Desastres de la Guerra
Temple of the Inscriptions
Diet for a Small Planet
One Time
Mask Song
The Shaman Mountain-Goat
Two Poems
Two Poems
Two Poems
Homestead 1914
Last Elegy for Lew Welch
Odyssey Series
Little Legion


In the previous issue of The Capilano Review, we were unable to offer notes on two of the poets, Johannes Bobrowski and Tadeusz Rozewicz. Their translator, John M. Gogol, has graciously supplied us with the following information:

JOHANNES BOBROWSKI was born in l9l7 in Tilsit, East Prussia. Studied art history. Served as a soldier from 1939 until his release ten years later from a Russian prisoner of war camp. Noted for his attempt to reconcile the German heritage with that of its neighbors to the east, and for his sensitive portrayal of the landscape and history of the East European borderlands. Died in 1956 in East Berlin.

TADEUSZ ROZEWICZ was born in 1921 in Radomsko. First poems appeared in 1938. Took part in underground resistance during the war, from 1943-44 as a soldier in the partisan division of the Home Army. In 1944 his first volume of poems was published by an underground press. Noted as the founder of the "Antipoetry" movement in Poland with the rejection of traditional poetic standards. Author of numerous volumes of poetry, plays, and prose. In 1972 his Collected Works were published.

In passing: JOHN M. GOGOL has four very fine translations of contemporary Russian poems on Garcia Lorca in a recent issue of The Malahat Review (no. 25).

JACK HODGINS lives in Lantzville, B.C. He has previously published fiction in Canadian Forum, Alphabet, Descant, Northwest Review, North American Review, Event, Wascana Review, and The Antigonish Review.

GRANT THOMPSON was a student in photography at Capilano College during the last year, 1972-1973. He will continue his studies at Vancouver City College, Langara, in the coming year. This is his first published work.

With Los Desastres de la Guerra, RICK JONES makes his second appearance in The Capilano Review. He continues to teach at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. Recently he has conducted several workshops on poetry with correctional institutes in that state, and to give readings of his work at various institutions, notably The Evergreen State College.

A former student of Capilano College, BRYANT KNOX received an Honors degree in English from Simon Fraser University. He is now living in North Vancouver.

JORJ HEYMAN has been active in poetry in Vancouver for some time, most recently as an editor of Circular Causation. He is presently working out of the Sechelt in B.C.

MARTIN JENSEN, living in North Vancouver, attended Capilano College during the last year to study German and French, where he will pursue his studies in the coming year. This is his second appearance in The Capilano Review.

LIONEL KEARNS has published several volumes of poetry, two of the most recent being Pointing (Ryerson Press) and By The Light of the Silvery McLune (The Daylight Press). He is presently teaching at Simon Fraser University, and lives in Lynn Valley.

Living in Victoria, PATRICK WHITE has published in The Capilano Review, Prism international. Quarry. The Far Point, Tuatara, and others.

SEAN VIRGO and SUSAN MUSGRAVE are living in the Queen Charlotte Islands. The poems in this issue arc more from their large collection, Kiskatinaw Songs.

JOHN PASS has published two books of poetry, Taking Place (Talonbooks) and The Kenojuak Prints (Caledonia Writing Series). The poems in this issue are from his ms., Port of Entry.

DAVID PI IILLIPS has published four books of poetry, The Dream Outside (Coach House Press), Wave (Talonbooks), Sea Wall (Talonbooks), and The Coherence (Talonbooks).

bp NICHOL is one of Canada's best known and most active young poets. With his book Still Water (Talonbooks) he recently shared the Governor-General's Award for Poetry with Michael Ondaatje. He edits a funky series of poetry called Gronk, and his most recent publication is The Martyrology (Coach House).

ANDREW SUKNASKI's most recent publications are Wood Mountain Poems (Anak Press) and Phillip Well (Caledonia Writing series), a poem which first appeared (in an earlier version) in The Capilano Review. He edits a magazine, Elfin Plot (Anak Press), which has just gone to its thirteenth issue.

TOM WAYMAN's first book, Waiting for Wayman, has just appeared from McClelland & Stewart. His Canada Council run out, he is living and writing in Vancouver, and looking for a job. He has appeared in numerous Canadian magazines, and was recently featured in The Canadian Forum.

BRIAN FISHER is one of the best known (as well as one of the best) painters in Canada. He has exhibited widely in Canada, and regularly at Vancouver's Bau Xi Gallery, where he recently had a one-man show of diamond shaped canvasses. His work is in numerous private and public collections, among them the Canada Council Art Bank, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. He is included in the recent book on Canadian art, Contemporary Canadian Painting (ed. William Withrow, McClelland & Stewart). This summer he is teaching at the Banff School of Fine Arts. The originals of the drawings in this issue are all in private and public collections in Canada.

An instructor in the English Department at Capilano College, CRAWFORD KILIAN has sold several plays to CBC radio. He has published one children's book, Wonders Inc. (Parnassus, 1968), and has recently completed another book for children, Chester Fenster Was A Monster. He has also published critical articles on literature in The Journal of Canadian Fiction and The Dalhousie Review.

D'ARCY HENDERSON has recently turned to photography and film (16 MM) as a way of documenting his visual research. He has exhibited his sculpture extensively throughout Canada and frequently in Vancouver. He is included in the public collections of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Canada Council Art Bank, the University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University, among others. He has participated in numerous group shows, and has had several one-man shows. He received Canada Council Awards in 1968, 1970, and 1971.