1983 / 1.28

Bill Schermbrucker Issue

“Like the Hinge on a Gate”
Theory of the Novel
To the Heart’s Discontent
COVER: Bill Schermbrucker
photography for this issue:


BILL SCHERMBRUCKER's short stories have been published in many literary journals and are familiar to CBC listeners. He served as editor-in-chief to TCR (Issues 10-23) and his leadership was creative and democratic. We would produce the very best magazine possible, even if that meant taking financial risks. "If we like it and want to do it, then we'll find the money to pay for it." Thanks, Bill, for your excellent work.

AUDREY THOMAS is a Vancouver writer with an international following. A recent long fiction is Laetikia (Talon Books) and Real Mothers, a collection of short stories.

PAUL KELLEY, who also lives in Vancouver, works in both long and short fiction. This past summer he co-wrote and co-directed a stage adaptation of Manuel Puig's novel. Kiss of the Spider Woman.

LOLA LEMIRE TOSTERIN is a Toronto poet whose first book, Color of Her Speech was published by Coach House Press. The six poems published here are part of a longer series, in which Tosterin explores issues of post-structuralist feminine writings.