1982 / 1.23

some mornings
Mother and Father Talk of Going South
Precision Machines
(Tristan) / Images
A Certain Age
Seamus and The Crow


BRENDA RICHES is a frequent contributor to The Capilano Review and was the subject of an interview in Issue 14. She is also Fiction Editor of Grain and is the author of Dry Media, published by Turnstone Press.

KEATH FRASER lives and writes in Vancouver. His work has appeared in Canadian Fiction Magazine, The Malahat Review and 82: Best Canadian Stories (Oberon). A collection of his fiction, Taking Cover, will be published by Oberon this Fall.

LOUIS PHILLIPS' short story "Everthing I Know About Lulu" is in the current issue of Wascana Review. His plays include: The Last of The Marx Brothers' Writers (in West Coast Plays #2), The Ballroom in St. Patrick's Cathedral (produced at The Colonnades Theatre Lab, NYC), and Warbeck (in George Spelvins Theatre Book, Vol. III, No. 2). Mr. Phillips' latest book for children is How Do You Get a Horse Out Of The Bath Tub?, due out from Viking Press in Fall 1982.

LARRY TROTTER, also known to his friends as Tristan, came to Vancouver from Edmonton to work as a reporter/editor with the Canadian Press. He left CP to study photography at the Emily Carr College of Art and now does a variety of freelance work. The figure and cloud images combined for this issue were made between 1978 and1981.

If anyone knows who or where RICHARD LUSH is, tell him there's a small royalty cheque waiting for him at The Capilano Review.

KATHLEEN D. MILLER is a native of Hamilton, Ontario and a graduate of the Theatre Department at the University of Guelph, with a Master's degree in Directing from UBC. Her fiction has appeared in Flare and her non-fiction in The Globe and Mail.

GERALD LYNCH was born in Monoghan, Ireland and his work has previously appeared in many publications including Fiddlehead, Matrix, and Canadian Poetry. He now lives in London, Ontario and is completing his Doctorate at the University of Western Ontario.

KEN STRAITON's photographs were published in TCR 15. Since then he has travelled extensively in Europe and returned with several hundred new images. Currently he is in Tokyo working on a film about Japanese life as perceived by North Americans.