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1982 / 1.21

Five Poems
Temple-Mound Series
Above Two Forks: Sunday, February 11th, 1917
White Rabbits
Lily & The Salamander
Judge's Commentary
Visual Sculpture
Film in an Unknown Tongue
Five Poems
Two Poems
Two Poems
Beach Fleishe
COVER: Contents Under Pressure


ROJEANNE ALLWORTH lives in West Vancouver and has been a Creative Writing student at Capilano College. This is her first appearance in print.

GREG MURDOCK was born, 1954, in Saskatoon. He attended the University of Saskatchewan's Fine Arts Department for two years then, after travelling and studying in Mexico in 1978-79, he returned to complete his artist's training at the Emily Carr College of Art. He graduated in Spring '81 and had his first one-person show in the school's concourse in September.

D. M. CLARK lives on a small acreage in Chilliwack, and writes and paints as much as he can. Publications include Inside Shadows and The Sunshine Man (M&S).

WILLIAM J. KLEBECK is a past President of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, and a member of the Saskatoon Poets Coterie. He is the book review editor of the Saskatchewan Law Review. He's also a recent father, who writes that he's "adjusting once again to the act of creation."

MILDRED TREMBLAY lives in Nanaimo with her husband and the remnants of a large family of six daughters. Through the week, she works as a bookkeeper, and on the weekends, instead of cleaning house she writes short stories.

JOHN CLAIR WATTS was born in Victoria, B.C. in 1948. He lived most of his young life in Prince George. After taking a year of general arts at U.B.C., he travelled around the world in 1969-71. The experience changed his life. He broke a number of mirrors (habits of thought) and found the place (internal) where he existed. He took a B.F.A. at U.B.C. (1975-79) and had his first one-man show in the University's Fine Arts Gallery in January 1981.

A. F. MORITZ has poems currently appearing in Tamarack Review, Queens Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Denver Quarterly and other magazines. A book of poems, Black Orchid, was published in December 1981 by Dreadnought, Toronto.

MONA FERTIG is the disappearing director of Vancouver's Literary Storefront, after years of sterling service. Her fifth book of poetry, Releasing the Spirit, is rolling off the press at Colophon Books.

CAROLE CHAMBERS lives and works on Hornby Island.

Well-known poet VICTOR COLEMAN is now living in Kingston, Ontario, where he is working at the National Film Theatre. A Special Section of his work appeared in The Capilano Review 5.

Some of RONNIE TESSLER's untitled works and excerpts from the Rodeo Series were published in TCR 10 and she provided us with the Double Wedding cover for TCR 11. We are pleased to publish here several photographs from the Beach Flesh (Fleishe) exhibition she had last year at the unfortunately no longer existing Viewspace photographic gallery on Dunbar. These images are the artistic product of a family resort holiday.