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1980 / 1.18

Strathyre Excerpts
Strathre: A Dream of Nora's Garden (review)
In A Draw
Six Poems
Three Poems
the truth is laughter
Three Stories & excerpts from a statement
El Alicante
COVER: Painted Photography of Dick Ritchie, age 23, Strathyre Ranch, Kamloops, B.C. 1914, by an unknown photographer


COLIN BROWNE recently completed a new film for the National Film Board: A Visit from Captain Cook. He co-authored two performance pieces for the dance group Bax By Popular Demand: Coming Soon, and XC4-2643. These were performed in Vancouver in October 1980. Colin has edited the B.C. Issue of CV/II, which will be appearing soon (see ad page 124).

PAUL DE BARROS co-edited Periodics until recently with Daphne Marlatt. He is now living in Washington State.

JOHN MARSHALL lives on Vancouver Island and is the editor of Island. These poems are from a collection entitled Saltspring (Oolichan). His earlier West Coast Trail is also worth reading.

DIANA HARTOG moved to New Denver, B.C., in 1971 and built a house on the side of Goat Mountain, where she lives with her daughter. She writes poetry, rebuilds houses, and chops wood like hell in the winter.

ROBIN BLASER's "The Truth is Laughter" is the latest series in a longer work to be titled The Forest. He recently edited Mary Butts' Imaginary Letters (Talonbooks), and is currently on leave from SFU, and working on a book on J. S. Bach.

RICHARD PRINCE was born in 1949 in Comox, B.C. In 1967 he commenced Fine Arts studies at UBC and in 1970 he travelled to Emma Lake to participate in a studio-oriented program, returning to UBC in 1971 to complete his B.A. in Art History. Further studies in Art History followed at UBC from 1972 to 1973. Prince now teaches in the UBC Fine Arts Department and, in his recent works, is investigating a more narrative sculpture. He is also interested now in "depicting the figure doing simple things. Simple but grand things . . . like putting your hands up and creating a constellation between your hands . . . there you go, there's a constellation."

ROBERT G. SHERRIN's short stories have appeared in The Capilano Review #8/9 and #13. He has written two novels, The Black Box (November House) and "Actual Size," and is currently working on a third. He lives and works in Vancouver.

MARK SLADE has worked for many years for the National Film Board in eastern Canada, and continues his work in Vancouver. He is currently on leave to complete his writing projects. The quotations in Mark's review are from Rilke, Duino Elegies, English translation by C. F. Maclntyre, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1968, p. 27.

JUDITH VAN GIESON lived for several years in Vermont, and then in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She says: "The story of the Alicante crops up frequently in Mexican folk lore. I first heard it from my Spanish teacher in San Miguel, who claims she actually saw one stealing milk from a nursing mother." Recently, Judith has been in New York City, working on a novel.