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1979 / 1.16&17

Running in the Family
In the Month of Hungry Ghosts


MICHAEL ONDAATJE was born in Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) and came to Canada via England in 1962. In 1978, on sabbatical leave from his teaching position at Glendon College, Toronto, he returned to Sri Lanka, where his sister Gillian still lives, and wrote most of Running in the Family while he was in Wattale and Colombo.


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DAPHNE MARLATT was born in Australia, lived in Penang as a young child, and emigrated with her family to Vancouver in 1951. She returned to Penang in 1976 with her sister Pam and her father, and while visiting, stayed in the house of her childhood, still inhabited by Eng Kim and "Mr. Y." "Cille" in the writing refers to Lucille, her youngest sister. The title on p. 80 is quoted from Karl Siegler's translation of Sonnets to Orpheus (Talonbooks). Much of the quoted material in the short-line poems is from Hannah Arendt's The Human Condition. Lines quoted in "getting here" are from Shelley. The line quoted on p. 91 is from Phyllis Webb.


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Photo Credits
The photographs in the Ondaatje section were provided by Michael from family sources. The drawing of mangoes on p. 40 is by Jack Chambers, from "Bangalore Sketches," and is reproduced by kind permission of Olga Chambers
Pp. 45, 48, 68, 86, 89, photos by Daphne Marlatt.
Pp. 52, 73, photos by Arthur Buckle. P. 62, photo by Edrys Buckle.
The photo on p. 100 of Harry Frost at the Minnesota State Fair was used for the cover of the new M & S collection of Ondaatje poems.