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1979 / 1.15

Six Poems
The Cougar
Images & Interview
West Window
Old Standards
two chapters from The Dead Sailors
Carter Fell
14 Plums: An Interview with George Bowering
Photographs ’79 & Interview
Photographs ’77-’78 & Interview
You Wouldn’t Want to
COVER: Portrait of George Bowering


DAVID McFADDEN, a well-known Ontario poet, is currently teaching in David Thompson University's writing programme in Nelson, B.C. He spent the spring of '79 in Vancouver, where some of these poems were written. We were delighted that he helped us to interview George Bowering, and so was he, and everyone was delighted with each other, and so are we, to present some of his work in this issue.

COLIN BROWNE moved here from Vancouver Island about a year ago, and has been in grad studies at SFU with Robin Blaser. He's finishing up a film on Captain Cook for the CBC. Issue #17 will contain a feature on his NFB film Stratheyre (1979). (Edouard Travies' print Le Couguar Inconnu, engraved by Fournier and printed by de Laurent in Paris, c. 1830, is from Oeuvres de Buffon, vol. III. Thanks to Wendy Carter of Canadian Native Prints Ltd., 775 Homer St., Vancouver.)

R. FISH was born Robert Field, 1948 in Kelowna. He studied at the Vancouver School of Art for one year; he graduated in Education from UBC in 1972. Drawing and art activities began at five or six years of age. Angling and nature studies are consuming interests.

Anyone interested in writing should enjoy GEORGE BOWERING's A Short Sad Book (Talonbooks). McClelland & Stewart are just bringing out Another Mouth, which is very fine. George has published sixteen books in the past sixteen years, and teaches at SFU to earn a living. (Photos: p. 86 Bill Schermbrucker, pp. 51, 102 Nathan Hohn.)

NATHAN HOHN was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1948. He avoided the obvious Engineer's career; he avoided further service to the US Army by moving to Canada 11 years ago. Currently pursuing a multi major BA at UBC, he gives workshops in Photography.

Born in Oakville, 1949, KEN STRAITON graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours BA in Psychology and an informal minor in Fine Arts. In 1973, he began independently to study Photography and in the same year attended a film production course at UBC — a study that led to Windows and other film ventures. Since 1976, his photographs have been seen in group and one person shows. Recent work will be shown at the Oakville Centennial Art Gallery in February '80.

This is the twentieth of GLADYS HINDMARCH's boat stories.