1977 / 1.12

Short Story
Four Prose Pieces
A Matter of Choice
Uncoupling Takes Off Flesh
from Sculpture in Italy
Fair Harbour My Eye
Recent Drawings
Recent Watercolours
Ten Island Poems
7th Serial Run
The Organizer
Poetry and the 70's
Photographs / text
Five Poems
Living Room: An Important Message on Survival
The The
Wild Roses
Foregone Conclusion
Symposium: Wood Sculpture of the Americas


SANDRA BARTLETTE is a prolific writer of short stories who lives and works in Winnipeg. This story is the first published by The Capilano Review.

BRENDA RICHES lives and writes in Saskatoon.

DEANNA LEVIS is a part-time student at Capilano College, and an Associate Fiction/Drama Editor of The Capilano Review. She has published newspaper articles, and recently a critical review in Art Magazine. "A Matter of Choice" is an autobiography in progress.

JOAN HAGGERTY is the author of two books, Please, Miss, Can I Play God? and Daughters of the Moon. She is currently completing a third, Bones from My Wedding Dress, from which this chapter is taken. She lives and works in Roberts Creek, B.C.

RUSSELL BATEMAN attends Capilano College on a part time basis. He is committed to learning the art of photography. He is an avid admirer of Michelangelo Buonarotti. The Florence trip, for which he was unofficial photographer, provided two opportunities of interest.

GLADYS HINDMARCH is spending this year in Nanaimo, close to her roots, teaching at Malaspina Community College and bringing her long labour of love, The Boat Stories, to completion. Last year she published A Birth Account and The Peter Stories. "Fair Harbour My Eye" is one of The Boat Stories.

JUDITH LODGE was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and spent her first twenty-five years in the American Midwest. She received her B.A. from Macalester College and her M.F.A. from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. She has been teaching art since 1969 and is currently teaching painting at UBC's Department of Fine Arts. She looks forward to a one-woman exhibition at The Pender Street Gallery in November 1977 called The Walls of Eden.

LEIGHTON DAVIS was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1941. In 1963 he moved to Southern California; in 1966, to Vancouver. He has worked as a surveyor and town planner. His artistic training began at Capilano College's Career Arts Program in 1969; Leighton is attending The Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. His one-man
show, organized by The Burnaby Art Gallery, is touring across Canada during 1978-79.

BRIAN FAWCETT "was born in Prince George, B.C." Photos pp. 90, 118, Tony Westman, pp. 77, 136, 145, 150, Bill Bailey, pp. 78, 109, Brian Fawcett.

STAN PERSKY'S latest book since Slaves is Wrestling the Angel (Talonbooks), a selection of both his old and his recent work, poetry and prose. He is now living in Terrace, B.C., where he teaches at North West College.

TIM PORTER was born in Washington, D.C. He studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Virginia. He is a self-taught photographer who gives workshops at the Vancouver School of Art and UBC. He has had three one-person shows: Gallery of Photography, Vancouver, 1972; Photographers' Gallery, Saskatoon, 1977; Succession Gallery of Photography, Victoria, 1977 "to: Lady Michelle, Linda Mitchell, Patricia and Patrick O'Hara, Samantha Rae and Bonnie Scott, Dancers; Bob Wood, Floor Manager; Ken Clements, Stage Manager; Evert Boogerd, Lighting; Jennifer Cromack, Head Waitress; Pamela Haynes and Eva Krenek, waitresses; Bing Jim, Bartender; and most especially to Jack Card, owner of Isy's Theatre Cabaret: thank you." — TIM

DAVID MACWILLIAM studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. He is currently an Extension Animateur for the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Managing Editor of Vancouver's art tabloid Criteria.

DUNCAN McNAUGHTON lives in Bolinas, California (does Bolinas mean whales?) and has published two splendid and very important books of poetry this year: A Passage of Saint Devil (Timbouctoo Press, California) and Sumeriana (Talon Books, Vancouver.)

HARVEY CHOMETSKY edits Repository and gets his poems from Prince George earth & aether. "Poetry," Harvey says, "is above all an attitude, a specific vision. Poetry exists because I live poetry, I don't write it."

BARRY McKINNON lives in Prince George, B.C. and teaches at New Caledonia College. He has published work in, among other places, NMFG and The Capilano Review. The most recent of his very fine books are Death of a Lyric Poet, and Songs & Speeches (New Caledonia Writing Series).

DAVID PHILLIPS lives in North Vancouver. He has published previously in The Capilano Review and is currently putting together a collection of five or six years' worth of poetry for publication in the near future. Wild Roses was originally published as a monograph by Prester John in the spring of 1977.

GERRY GILBERT is a Vancouver poet who promotes the art in many ways. He runs the New Era Social Club, organizes readings, publishes broadsides and small volumes of new work, and edits B.C. Monthly.

FUMIO YOSHIMURA was born in Kamakura, Japan in 1926. He received an MFA in painting from Tokyo University in 1950. He has exhibited widely and his works are owned by many public and private collections. His wooded imitations of things from this world transcend the 'models' from which they are derived. He lives in New York City.

BARBARA SPRING was born in Essex, England, and attended various schools, including the Gravesend School of Arts in Kent and the Central School of Art in London. She has exhibited her work since 1962 and has received a number of prizes for her sculpture in California where she now lives at Big Sur.

CALVIN HUNT, an Alert Bay Kwa-Guilth Indian who was born in 1956, has spent most of his life in Victoria, B.C. He has served seven years of a carver's apprenticeship with Tony and Henry Hunt. He has contributed to group shows and with Tony Hunt he recently completed two thirty-foot poles — one intended for Frankfurt, the other for the National Museum at Osaka.

HERNANDO TEJADA was born in Risaralda, Colombia. In 1946 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of the National University of Bogata. Between 1948 and 1976, in addition to contributing to forty-nine group exhibitions, he has been active with mural commissions and set design.

DOMENICO CASASANTA was born in Bugnara, Italy, in 1935. He studied at the Scuela Statale d'Arte of Sulmona and subsequently at similar schools at Naples and Rome. In the last ten years he has contributed to numerous one-man and group exhibitions, especially in Venezuela where he lives, and in New York where he has a dealer.

JOSEPH DEANGELIS now lives in LaSalle, Ontario. He was educated at Rhode Island School of Design and Syracuse University. He teaches now at the University of Windsor, Ontario. He has participated in several group and one-man shows.

CHUNG HUNG was born in Canton, China in 1946. He studied civil engineering in Chu Hei University, Hong Kong. In 1973, he graduated from the Vancouver School of Art with Honours in Sculpture. He has executed two competition pieces: the first, as winner of The First International Sculpture Competition in Barcelona, Spain; the second, the winning design for the Competition S.S. Beaver, Fort Langley, Canada. Recently he was included in "This Point of View. 60 B.C. Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Graphic and Video Artists" at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

BARRY COGSWELL was educated at the Hammersmith College of Art. In 1964 he received the National Diploma in pottery, with sculpture as a secondary area of expertise. He lives in North Vancouver and teaches at Capilano College. In 1975 Integrated Plane was installed at the North Vancouver Civic Centre. Exhibiting in Vancouver since 1974, he was a recent participant in "This Point of View: 60 B.C. Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Graphic and Video artists" at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Barry Cogswell/RECENT CULPTURE was published in The Capilano Review, No. 11.

HADYN DAVIES emigrated to Canada in 1929. In 1939, he graduated from Central Technical School and eight years later, from the Ontario College of Art. After pursuing several careers (film, publishing, advertising) he turned to sculpture in 1962.

BOB BEHRENS lives in Denver, Colorado. He was born in Teaneck, New Jersey in 1939. He studied at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Denver. He specializes in outdoor environmental sculpture.