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Fall 1976 / 1.10

The Lady of Letters
Italian Wood
The Silence of the Verb
O Camere
In the Tomb of the Royal Gardener
Memories of Africa
The Butterfly Dialectic (w/ John Scoggan)
Museum of Anthropology
Coast Indian Suite
Rank Beginnings
Two Stories
Thinking About One of His Stories
Cloisons (Partitions)
Two Stories
The Drone
from The Snow Men
Two Poems
Glass Poem
Two Poems
The Second Life
Two Murals
from Sea Door Reward
COVER: Angel


COLIN STUART studied with Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, and Robert Creeley at the Berkeley Poetry Conference, and with Robin Blaser at SFU. Expelled from university in 1973, he did graduate work in Buffalo, N.Y. with Jack Clarke, the Blake-Olson scholar who had visited Vancouver a year earlier. In 1974 he convalesced at the British School of Classical Studies in Athens. He taught at SFU briefly, then worked for a United Nations study group. He has recently begun his new project, "Poet in China." (Photo credits: Taki Bluesinger: p. 32 ; Michael: p. 103 . Also, Sirnone Martini, Annunciation, detail, ca. 1333, tempera and gold leaf, ht. 104" x w. 120", Uffizi Gallery, Florence. The Hegel quote on p. 83 is from the Phenomenology. The cameo on p. 44 is from Robert Goodden, World Wide Butterflies Ltd.)

JOHN SCOGGAN, in Vancouver of late, has recently published a new section of his work on American poetics: Charles Olson, Acts of the Soul part 4, with Iron, available from Falstaff Books, 4529 W 10th, and due to be published in full, this year, with Talonbooks of Vancouver.

ARTHUR ERICKSON of Arthur Erickson Architects is the best known and most highly regarded Canadian in his field. Winner of many major competitions and recipient of countless architectural honours, his work is admired for its sculptural quality and the force of its symbolism. His accessible local buildings are the MacMillan Bloedel Tower on Georgia Street, Simon Fraser University and the new Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

JACK SHADBOLT is likely British Columbia's best known artist. He has been active as a painter and designer since the thirties; he was, until his retirement, an instructor of painting at the Vancouver School of Art. Now in his seventies, he continues his work with the energy and zeal of a man half his age.

LYNN HUGHES was born in Vancouver but has spent most of her life outside Canada travelling with her family. Her young life was spent in Africa. She is a graduate in English Literature from the University of Toronto and a graduate of the Vancouver School of Art.

FIELDING DAWSON is now back in New York where he lives and works most of the lime. We had the pleasure of his energy and company this last summer and early fall in Vancouver, where he gave many readings, both public and private, among which was a fine lecture and reading at Capilano College. Fielding has published too many books to list all of them here; one of his latest is The Man Who Changed Overnight & Other Stories (Black Sparrow). Vancouver's Cobblestone Press should be bringing out Fielding's broadside Freedom quite soon. We look forward to all of Fielding's new work, among which will be, shortly we hope, Nancy Drew in Paradise (a collection of stories based in Vancouver), and More Tiger Lilies.

ALEXANDRE AMPRIMOZ is a prolific writer living in Windsor, Ont., where he is co-editor of Poetry Windsor Poesie. His latest book is Studies in Grey (Killaly Press, 1976).

DARYL RASMUSSEN is working on several endeavours, most notably a novel, The Note in the Fridge, and is collaborating on some as yet unknown children's books. The Sahara Family Fridge and Remora, Remora, Daddy Was a Shark. He is a former student of Creative Writing at Capilano College, now at Simon Fraser University.

CATHY FORD writes poetry, short fiction, plays and — at the moment — her first novel. Her work has been published and is appearing in many places, including Antigonish Review, The Poem Company, CBC Anthology, Event, A Room of One's Own, 3 cent Pulp, and Pomegranate. Her book of poems, Blood Uttering, just came out from Intermedia, as did the Canadian Short Fiction Anthology, which she edited.

ANN ROSENBERG teaches Fine Arts (history) at Capilano College and writes as much art criticism as time permits. She is Associate Editor (Visual Media) of The Capilano Review. She makes blue movies on the side.

RONNIE TESSLER has a background in interior decorating and design. She took one photography course at Capilano College for two semesters, which served as an introduction to the subject. In the last two years photography has become her avocation.

BRETT ENEMARK, of Prince George, lives in paradise and edits Iron. His first book, The Snow Men, should be out sometime in '77.

PENNY CHALMERS is: preparing a play The Angel Makers for filming and a Western tour; tidying up a 100-page comic opera for puppets, The Epic of Dis the Toad, for imminent production; anticipating the publication of West Coast Works this month and Clearing next month; editing alchemical poems into Twelfth Key; transmuting into rubric. She is living on an Island in Toronto.

JANET COTGRAVE attended a poetry workshop at the Vancouver School of Art in 1969 but left and burned her work when told it "wasn't poetry." She is now a mature-entry, Creative Writing/English student at Capilano College and Simon Fraser University, is working as a part-time editorial assistant for a Vancouver publisher and is an associate poetry editor of The Capilano Review. This is her first publication.

ELEANOR CROWE's poems have appeared in Iron, Yellow Pine, Waves, N.M.F.G., and White Pelican. She was born in Nelson, B.C. and now lives in Ladner where she "shovels a lot of chicken shit."

NEAP HOOVER lives in Victoria and works at the Provincial Museum as an ethnology curator, where his contact with West Coast Indian artforms compels his own writing and concerns. Other poems have appeared in Iron and will be appearing in N.M.F.G.

BRIAN FAWCETT recently read and talked about his latest poems, serial runs, at the Burnaby Art Gallery, Capilano College, and in the Mountain Pass series on Vancouver's Co-Op Radio (CFRO). Brian has published several books of poetry, among which are Friends (Georgia Straight Writing Supplement, 1971), Five Books of a North Manual (Beaver Kosmos Folios, 1972), The Opening (New Star Books, 1974), and more recently a chapbook called After Dante which is an excerpt from one of the new serial runs. Everyone should read his beautiful poem "Four Transformations of the Rose" in the last issue of Imago (20).

IAN WALLACE currently teaches art history at the Vancouver School of Art and, when time and money allow, he makes large hand-tinted photographic works which bring to the art-making process values and ideas associated with literature.

JUDY WILLIAMS was born in Vancouver, but spent most of her young life moving from air force base to air force base with her family. She has been exhibiting her paintings since 1966 and has just completed her second one-person show. She is involved in a land co-op at Refuge Cove, B.C., a lifestyle and a locale that influence her present work.

JIM BIZZOCCHI teaches in the Media Program at Capilano College, and is a filmmaker by trade and inclination (Cabin and / Was Born Here). He photographed Angel as she stood in dust at the Cimitero di Staglieno, Genoa.