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Spring 1972 / 1.1

Astral Sonac
First Aid
Allegory: A Brilliant Star
A Sound Discontinued
Good Morning Lord
For Fyodor
Ein Kerem
Postcard From Belfast
Two Poems
Three Poems
Nothing Like Poems
Four Poems
Key To The Komandante
Dear Stamp
Self Portrait
Impressions of Africa
Terminal Collage Series 1
Rotary Pseudoplastic Poem
Phyllis Webb's Selected Poems


CHUCK CARLSON was born and raised in north central B.C. He was the editor of the magazine Up th tube w/ one i(open), and has published one book of poems Strange Movies (ive seen). He is presently writing and drawing in Vancouver.

BILL SCHERMBRUCKER teaches in the Capilano College English Department, has several works in progress, and is completing his PhD in English at UBC.

EARLE BIRNEY is one of Canada's best known poets, his latest book being Rag & Bone Shop (McClelland & Stewart). The poem First Aid is one of a series of semiotic poems he calls alphabeings which will be published soon, along with linear poems, in a new book, The 21st Century Belongs To The Moon.

ANDREA BEAUDOIN is a student in Applied Arts at Capilano College. This is her first publication.

BRIAN THOMPSON is a Capilano College student. This is his first publication.

PHYLLIS WEBB, one of Canada's most gifted poets, is presently working on The Kropotkin Poems. Her Selected Poems (Talon: Vancouver) appeared in the fall of 1971. For Fyodor is one of a series of "prison poems". Miss Webb is living in Vancouver.

STEVE CUMMINGS has published in little magazines in the United States and Canada. He is now living in Kamloops.

SEYMOUR MAYNE is the editor of Ingluvm (Montreal). His most recent books are Mouth (Quarry Press) and Faces (Blackfish Press). He is finishing his PhD thesis on Irving Layton at UBC.

JOHN NEWLOVE recently read at Capilano College as part of a national reading tour. He has published widely, his most recent books being Black Night Window and The Cave (Mc'Clelland & Stewart). A new book of poems will be published soon by McClelland & Stewart, where he is working as a Senior Editor.

GEORGE BOWERING has published fiction and poetry extensively. He won the Governor General's Award for his collection Rocky Mountain Foot (1969). A new book, Layers, will appear with Weed-Flower Press in 1973. Touch: Selected Poems 1960-1970 has just appeared with McClelland & Stewart.

RICK JONES is a young American poet teaching at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. The Nothing Like Poems are part of a large work in progress.

ANDREI VOZNESENSKY, one of Russia's finest poets, read across Canada last year. An article about his visit, North Country Passing, recently appeared in Maclean's. Graphomaniacs, Invocation, and The Break first appeared in Russia in his selected poems The Shadow Of A Sound. Snow Blind, written after his Canadian tour in February 1971, appeared in the Russian weekly Literary Gazette in May 1971. A selection of his latest poems will be published by Ferlinghetti's City Lights Books in 1972.

EVGENII EVTUSHENKO is Russia's most widely known contemporary poet. Key To The Komandante was written after his tour of South America in the summer of 1971, where he visited the scene of Che Guevara's assassination. It was first published in the Literary Gazette in Russia in September 1971. His collected poems, Stolen Apples, have just been published by Doubleday in America.

GREGG SIMPSON, a painter and musician, has just returned from Europe. He is organizing a show of Vancouver artists to take place at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris in 1973. He is a member of the Divine Order of the Lodge, and took part in its December salon.

SARENCO has exhibited widely in Europe and Brazil, and co-edits the magazine Lotta Poetica with Paul de Vree.

JOCHEN GERZ was a member of the Approches group in Paris which published his book Footing (1968).

ART RAT may be the mysterious John Silvermouse.

DAVID UU is a poet, collagist, and the director of the Isle of Avalon Society, a tableau ritual-drama group researching new ways of presenting literature. A co-founder of Gronk, he organized Brazilia 73 (First Canadian International Concrete Poetry Show), and the recent Microprosophus. He is a member of DOL.

JAROSLAV MALINA is a Czech painter whose first Canadian one-man show will be at the Avelles Gallery (Vancouver) in 1972.

BILL BISSETT was probably the first experimenter with visual and concrete poetry in Canada, and his influence on the concrete poetry movement is felt internationally. He has published many books, his most recent being Nobody Owns Th Earth (Anansi). He edits the most interesting and innovative magazine in Canada, Blew Ointment.

JULIAN MACFARLANE has just completed his M.A. in poetics at UBC. He is teaching and studying in Japan, and intends to translate contemporary Japanese poets into English, and Canadian poets into Japanese.

JEFF KEEN is a young English artist.

MAUREEN SAGER, CATHERINE LEACH, AND VERA RECK are members of UBC's Slavonic Studies Department, and are presently engaged in translating contemporary Russian poets into English.